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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 2015-16

Date: 30 May 2016 (Monday)
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Room 201, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1.     Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting

2.     Matters Arising

3.     Matters for Information and Approval

(These items may not require discussion.  Members are at liberty to raise any questions, otherwise, the Chairperson will present this items for approval)

3.1   To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.2   To note the Position of Funds

3.3   To note and approve the Change of Agency Name  

        3.3.1                World Green Organisation Limited 世界綠色組織有限公司

3.4   To note the Annual Election Procedures and Schedule for 2016 AGM

3.5   To note and approve the Set up a New Committee for Investment of Council’s Funding

4.     Matters for Discussion and Action                                                   

4.1   2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting List

5.     Any Other Business

6.     Date of Next Meeting – 25 July 2016


Minutes of the 4th Meeting of the Executive Committee for 2015/16 held on Tuesday, 30 May, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201, 2/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. 



Ms. Maggie Chan (Vice-Chairperson)

Mr. Francis Chau                           

Mr. Benny Cheung                 

Mr. Larry Kwok                              

Mr. Kwok Lit Tung                        

Mr. Otto Lau                                  

Dr. C K Law                                   

Ms. Elizabeth Law                          

Dr. CC Luk

Mrs. Cynthia Luk                           

Mr. Joseph Man

Mr. Ma Kam Wah                           

Mr. Ng Shui Lai

Mr. Suen Lai Sang                         

Ms. Kathy Wong                           

Ms. Sania Yau                        

Mr. Stephen Yau                           

Ms. Amarantha Yip                                

Dr. Alice Yuk



Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Chief Executive

Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development)

Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy)

Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development)

Mr. Cliff Choi, Business Director (Public Engagement and Partnership)



The Hon. Bernard Chan                 Ms. Susan Chan    

The Hon. Cheung Kwok Che                

Mr. Allen Fung                               

Dr. Fung Cheung Tim                    

Mr. Kennedy Liu                                    

Dr. Lo Chi Kin                                 

Dr. Annissa Lui               

Ms. Susan So                                

Mrs. Helina Yuk



1.     Minutes of the last meeting dated 29 March 2016 were confirmed with no amendment.


2.     2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting (WAPS) Exercise: Mr. Chua reported that the annual meeting of 2016 WAPS had been postponed and re-scheduled to 20 July 2016, due to the renovation work of the meeting venue. A wish list was drafted and to be shared    with SWD for preparation of the exercise. Members were invited to attend and to directly exchange views with representatives from SWD and the Bureau on key welfare issues and concerns at the meeting. 


To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.     Members noted the Chief Executive's Progress Report and supplementary information on below items were further provided by Mr. Chua:

  • The Latest Publication of HKCSS: Mr. Chua introduced the newly published Social Enterprise (SE) Directory 2016 and shared that there had been an increase of 8.9% of newly established SEs since 2015. The Happy Family Kitchen booklet was also newly published and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The booklet was aiming to promote a positive message of family holistic health.
  • Meeting with Competition Commission: Mr. Chua reported that a meeting had been arranged with representatives from the Competition Commission and members of the task group on the salary survey, aiming to seek for clarifications if the Council's NGOs' Salary Survey would be in any aspects violating the Competition Ordinance. Subsequent to the meeting, it was noted that the Council was one of statutory bodies being exempted from the application of the Ordinance and that the collection of historical salary data of NGOs did not affect the competition in the market nor inducing anti-competitive practices.     
  • The HKCSS Convention 2016 cum Caring Company Partnership Expo held on 10 May 2016 at HKCEC: Mr. Chua reported that the Convention and Expo had attracted overwhelming participation from member agencies, caring companies / organisations, different partners and government officials. The reception of the newly launched governance platform project had also received great support from NGOs' chief executive officers and board members. Mr. Chua thanked all member agencies again for their staunch support, which helped achieving positive feedback and fruitful results.
  • Research on Poverty and Chance of Improvement in Living Standard for Young Adult: Mr. Chua reported that the research findings had received active feedback and attention from the media and the community. A Member shared a concern that the findings had inadvertently reinforced negative social consequences, for example, the associate / non-degree graduates were having a comparatively lower salary increment. There were also views that the Council might consider providing different aspects in the interpretation of the findings, and with more positive options to address the problem faced by youth adult.
  • Membership Updates: Mr. Chua noted the concern of a Member regarding some agency members which failed to provide annual or financial report, or membership fee. The membership team had been on alert and would continue to closely monitor the situation.

To note the Position of Funds

4.     Members noted the Position of Funds with no enquiry raised.

To note and approve the Change of Agency Name

5.     Members noted and approved the application for change of agency name of World Green Organisation Limited世界綠色組織有限公司.

To note the Annual Election Procedures and Schedule for 2016 AGM

6.     Mr. Chua reported that the Council’s 2016 AGM has been scheduled for 10 November 2016. Members were invited to note and endorse the appointment of the Election Committee and election arrangements for the new governance for 2016-18. Members in the Meeting agreed to invite Mr. Kennedy Liu and Mr. Larry Kwok to serve on the Election Committee overseeing the overall operation of the election, and Dr. John Fung would proceed to extend the invitation. Members endorsed the appointment of the Election Committee and election arrangements according to the recommended schedule.

To note and approve the Set up of a New Committee for Investment of Council’s Funding

7.     Members noted and approved the set up of a new Committee for investment of Council's funding and the Terms of Reference.


2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting List

8.     Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development) reported that the 2016 welfare agenda and priorities setting exercise would be held on 20 July and the preparation work has been progressing on schedule according to the workflow being   tabled at the Meeting. Ms. Cheng further highlighted that after discussion with SWD, the division of service groups for the breakout sessions had been revised this year to be in line with that of the Council, namely, elderly, family and community, children and youth, rehabilitation and social security services. In addition, to allow more time for discussion,   the program this year would not have a report-back session, but with a 2-hour breakout group session and Q&A sessions with the Secretary for Labour and Welfare and Director of Social Welfare. A draft list of service concerns was also tabled for Members to comment.   Members noted and had given comments. Ms. Cheng thanked Members for the comments and in response to which, she would follow up closely to ensure these issues be prioritized and be strategically positioned in order to create impact as well as to sustaining the momentum, in pushing the government to follow up on important agenda.


Update on the Staff Case (Confidential)

9.     The Chairperson informed that Mr. Chua, Chief Executive,  would update Members on progress of the staff case. Before proceeding further, all Business Directors present were invited to be excused from the Meeting.  In confidence, Mr. Chua then reported on the follow-up actions of the case, including the application to the Court of First Instance for grant of permission to appeal against the Labour Tribunal’s (LT) decision, pending for notification of the result of application on 1 June, and the Council’s response to media enquiries towards allegations from the complainant regarding financial arrangements of the 5th International Conference on Social Work Health and Mental Health Conference held in 2006.

In addition to aforesaid actions, Mr. Chua also sought for Members' view and consent for the Council, as advised by the lawyer, to commence the taxation procedures to recover the costs from the complainant for the last LT case. After discussion, Members opined that while the Council should uphold its legal rights to commence the taxation procedures, but given the procedures have a 3-year limitation period, it might be advisable for the Council to wait for the result of application for the grant of permission to appeal on 1 June, in case the staff issue would enter into judicial proceeding. Mr. Chua noted and would stay alert to proceed in consultation with the office-bearers of the ExCo.


10.   The next meeting was scheduled for 25 July 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201 of Duke of   Windsor Social Service Building.


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:10 p.m.