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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 2015-16

Date: 25 January 2016 (Monday)
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Room 201, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1. Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting

2. Matters Arising

3. Matters for Information and Approval

(These items may not require discussion.  Members are at liberty to raise any questions, otherwise, the Chairperson will present this items for approval)

3.1 To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.2 To note the Position of Funds

3.3 To note and approve Application of Agency Membership

        3.3.1 The Healthcare Association Limited康護協會有限公司

3.4 To note and approve the Appointment of Members for the Steering / Advisory Committees: HKCSSI and ITBC

4. Matters for Discussion and Action                                                   

4.1 Feedback on Extended Governance Meeting on 2016-17 Business Planning

5. Any Other Business

6. Date of Next Meeting – 29 March 2016 (Tuesday)


Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of the Executive Committee for 2015/16 held on Monday, 25 January, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 201, 2/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.



Mr. Kennedy Liu (Acting-Chairperson)

Ms. Maggie Chan                          

Ms. Susan Chan

Mr. Francis Chau                           

Mr. Benny Cheung 

The Hon. Cheung Kwok Che        

Mr. Kwok Lit Tung                                

Dr. Annissa Lui                              

Mrs. Cynthia Luk                           

Mr. Ma Kam Wah                          

Mr. Joseph Man                    

Ms. Susan So                                

Ms. Kathy Wong

Ms. Sania Yau                                

Mr. Stephen Yau                           

Ms. Amarantha Yip                        

Dr. Alice Yuk                  

Mrs. Helina Yuk



Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Chief Executive       

Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development)

Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy)

Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development)

Mr. Cliff Choi, Business Director (Public Engagement and Partnership)



The Hon. Bernard Chan        

Mr. Allen Fung

Dr. Fung Cheung Tim                    

Mr. Larry Kwok

Mr. Otto Lau                          

Dr. C K Law                                   

Ms. Elizabeth Law                         

Dr. Lo Chi Kin

Dr. CC Luk                                    

Mr. Ng Shui Lai

Mr. Suen Lai Sang                          



1.     Minutes of the last meeting dated 25 January 2016 were confirmed with no amendment.


2.     No report for matters arising.


To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.    Members noted the Chief Executive’s Progress Report and supplementary information and update on below items were further provided by Mr. Chua:

  • 2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting (WAPS) Exercise: Mr. Chua reported that the annual meeting of 2016 WAPS has been re-scheduled to be held on 1 June 2016, instead of 10 June. Members were requested to take note.
  • Dialogue with Principal Official Dr. Ko Wing Man, Secretary for Food and Health: Mr. Chua reminded that the session would be held on 8 April 2016, and as at the reporting date, over 90 participants had enrolled. A reminder memo to all agency members have been sent out earlier.
  • Proposed Children Proceedings (Parental Responsibility) Bill: Mr. Chua highlighted that the sector’s views were consolidated in the concerned Task Group under the Specialized Committee (Family & Community) and eventually the Council’s position paper would be prepared for submission by the end of the consultation period (i.e. 25 March 2016). Mr. Chua remarked that in principle the Council supported the rationale behind the proposed Bill, but agreed to the sector’s views that the government should be strongly urged to provide for comprehensive facilitating measures supporting the parents, so that the Bill could achieve its impact in protecting the children. It was further noted that the Hong Kong Jockey Club has also given funding support to NGOs for the related co-parenting project initiated by the Council. 
  • The HKCSS Convention 2016 cum Caring Company Partnership Expo to be held on 10 May 2016 at HKCEC: Mr. Chua updated on the Convention details, like it would draw over 4000 participants from NGO sector, stakeholders and partners from across sectors.  There would be 6 forums, 12 concurrent sessions, 2 tea receptions, and over 100 exhibition booths by NGOs and SEs creating networking opportunities. Mr. Chua noted that all agency heads and board chairpersons were invited.

To note the Position of Funds

4.     Members noted the Position of Funds with no further enquiries.

To note and approve the Application for Agency Membership

5.     Dr. John Fung, Business Director on Sector and Capacity Development, reported on the application of “The Healthcare Association Limited康護協會有限公司”, that subsequent to further clarification given by the applicant, the membership accepted the explanation which was in compliance with the membership admission criteria. Therefore, the management has been recommended to submit the application to ExCo for consideration and endorsement. Members of ExCo noted and approved.  

To note and approve the Annual Report and Appointment of Members to HKCSS Development Fund for 2016-2017

6.     Members noted and endorsed the annual report and the appointment of members to the HKCSS Development Fund Committee. On the nomination of Ex-officio members, Ms. Elizabeth Law, Hon. Treasurer and Mr. Kennedy Liu, Vice-Chairperson, were nominated by Members to serve on the Committee for 2016 and 2017. It was also agreed that Dr. Chan Mou Fung be re-appointed to be the Chairperson for 2016.

To note and approve Appointment of Members for the Steering / Advisory Committees: HKCSSI and ITBC

7.     Members noted and endorsed the recommendation of membership for HKCSSI and ITBC, and highlighted that:

  • Mr. KM Chan to be co-opted for two years and nominated as Chairperson of the Steering Committee on HKCSS Institute (HKCSSI) following the retirement of Mr. David Fong from the Committee.
  • Mr. Johnnie Chu to be the representative from Standing Committee on SCD for 2015-16 of the Information Technology Business Committee (ITBC).

No further enquiry from Members was noted.


8.     Feedback on Extended Governance Meeting for 2016-17 Business Planning

Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, the Chief Executive, thanked Members of governance for joining the Extended Governance meeting which provided a valuable and effective platform for fruitful exchange of views. Mr. Chua further recapped highlights of the discussions at the Extended Governance meeting and noted in particular, the recommendations from participating members for the Council to continue stepping efforts in deepening the engagement of multi-stakeholders, including the frontline workers and cross-sectoral partners and stakeholders. Mr. Chua said that these suggestions would be taken into serious consideration by Council colleagues for deliberations with members of respective standing and specialized committees, and for follow-up consolidation of views and compilation of the Council's business plan for 2016-17. The updated HKCSS business plan of initiatives and work tasks for 2016-17 would be submitted for endorsement by ExCo at the next meeting.


Update on A Staff Case (Confidential)

9.     The Chairperson of the Meeting informed Members that he would provide an update of the progress of a HR matter.  Before proceeding further, all business directors were invited to be excused from the Meeting.  The Chairperson then in confidence tabled a letter dated 30 December 2015 from an ex-staff, addressed to the Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Members of the Executive Committee of the Council (ExCo).  Members at the Meeting were invited to note and provide comments.  As requested by some new Exco members, the Chairperson of the Meeting provided a summary of the entire matter and answered clarification questions.  After discussion, Members agreed unanimously that the matter should be handled by the Chief Executive and/or relevant staff of the Council, in consultation with the Office-bearers of the ExCo (namely the Chairperson, the 2 Vice-Chairpersons, Hon. Treasurer and Hon Legal Advisor).  Members also suggested that the response should be brief, the Council should be sensitive as the case is under judicial proceeding, and the Council should uphold its legal rights.


10.   The next meeting was scheduled for 29 March 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201 of Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.