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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 2015-16

Date: February 18, 2016 (Thu)
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


1. Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting held on Dec 3, 2015 (Appendix 1)

2. Discussion

2.1 Brainstorming of cross-sector partnership project ideas for different donors and corporations on coming corporate focus : ageing society and innovation (Appendix 2)

2.2 HKCSS Convention 2016 (Appendix 3)

3. Progress Report

3.1 Caring Company

3.2 WiseGiving

4. Any other business

5. Date of next meeting


Present  :     Ms. Amarantha Yip Yun Wan (Hong Kong Family Welfare Society)

Ms. Ting Suk Yee, Regina (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council)

Mr. Chan Wing Kin (The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong)

Ms. Cheung Wing Suet, Wendy (St. James' Settlement)

Ms. Hung Ho Lin, Linda (The Salvation Army)

Ms. Wong May Kwan, May (Hans Andersen Club)

Ms. CHAU Shuk King, Kitty (Christian Family Service Centre)

Mr. Wong Stephen (Caritas - Hong Kong)

Ms. Tam Chi Wah, Angelique (The Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers)

Ms. Daisy Yuen (MTR Corporation Limited)

Mr. Kevin Orr (Winner Medical (Hong Kong) Ltd)

Mr. Ralph Szeto (CMRS Digital Solutions Ltd.)


Apologies :   Mr. YUEN Siu-lam (Hong Kong Alliance of Patients' Organizations)

                        Ms. Judy Chan (The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited)


In attendance: Mr. Cliff Choi (Business Director, PEP, HKCSS)

Ms. Christine Kwan (Senior Manager, WiseGiving)

Mr. Eddie Tsang (Senior Manager, Corporate Communciations)

Ms. Wendy Luk (Senior Manager, Caring Company Scheme)

Mr. Keevin Poon (Programme Manager, Caring Company Scheme)

Ms. Irene Chim (Officer, Corporate Communciations) - Recorder


1.          Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting


The minutes of the last meeting held on December 3, 2015 were corrected to read “Present: Ms. CHAU Shuk King, Kitty (Christian Family Service Centre)“, and minutes were approved as corrected.



2.          Discussion


2.1      Brainstorming of cross-sector partnership project ideas for different donors and corporations on coming corporate focus ageing society and innovation

  • Age-friendly, Innovation and 70th Anniversary would be the Council’s major themes in the coming two years. Mr. Cliff Choi introduced a couple ideas which were suggested to funders. Committee members were invited to brainstorm and suggest other project ideas.
  • Project ideas for an individual donor and a bank:
    • Age-friendly society
      • The Council serving as a hub to launch series of small-scale projects with NGOs in different districts involving volunteers from SMEs or schools
      • Launching a campaign which involves tertiary students from different majors and leverages on their expertise to advocate Age-friendly Society
      • Providing support for startup companies to develop new products or services for elderly
      • Boosting up mobility of the elderly by encouraging business sector to offer special discounts
      • Introducing an award scheme for companies incorporating age-friendly elements into their business, e.g. more elevators, special meals
    • Life-long learning
      • Promoting Chinese medicine in elderly centres
      • Promoting the importance of well-being, self-care and mental health to the elderly
      • Promoting information technology in elderly to enhance their connection with younger generation
    • Active ageing
      • Providing platform for young-old to share their talents, knowledge and experiences with younger generation
      • Launching projects of sharing economy which engage the elderly
      • Launching paid internship programme for the elderly
  • Project ideas for a private fund which specializes in offering scholarships:

Offering scholarship for secondary school students, who have completed a half-year internship and have potential in elderly services.

    • The committee supports the idea in general since there are insufficient carers in the industry.
    • School principals would be willing to nominate students with unsatisfied academic results but good behaviours and potential in human services
    • Students’ commitment to the industry has to be ensured, while mindsets of the parents have to be changed. Career path and prospects of the industry have to be promoted to both students and parents.
    • Extra manpower and resources are required to offer guidance to the interns.


2.2      HKCSS Convention 2016

  • It is confirmed that a Keynote and Plenary, 6 forums and 12 concurrent sessions would be held in the Convention.
  • All the tentative topics are approved by the committee.
  • Putting F5 (CEO Forum) and F6 (Policy Forum) in the same timeslot may be wasteful as both of them are attractive. Cliff advised that F5 cannot be rescheduled because the speakers would be fully occupied with other receptions. Concurrent sessions C6 and C7, which are also sharing the same timeslot, are suggested to be rescheduled to avoid clashing with the forums.
  • Cliff invited the committee to support the tea reception held at 5:45pm, sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club. The 70th Anniversary campaign would be announced in the tea reception.


3.          Progress Report


3.1      Caring Company

  • The number of Caring Company / Organization is having a steady growth by reaching 3,200 this year.
  • The celebration of 15th anniversary next year would be an opportunity to encourage more in-depth participation of the companies / organizations.
  • Small-scaled activities would be organized to target SMEs, and to get them familiar with the NGOs and the procedures of organizing volunteer service.


3.2      WiseGiving

  • Around 1,000 students are nominated by over 400 schools for the Upward Mobility Scholarship this year.
  •  HSBC Community Partnership Programme and HSBC District Community Programme are expected to be launched in April. The pre-launch of the collaboration with HSBC this year is currently under discussion.
  • Support from District Councils would be explored. More capacity building programmes would be provided to small-scaled service providers doing community work, in order to equip them for getting small funding.
  • Representative from Ernst & Young was invited to explain the details and exemptions in the new Companies Ordinance. Since some organizations have further concerns, more briefings would be held and the PowerPoint would be circulated.


3.3      Corporate Communications

  • Proactively responded to social issues including incident of abuse case in Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons, Ann Chiang’s inappropriate interpretation on mentally disabled, Government’s free kindergarten policy, poverty of ethnic minorities as well as Carrie Lam’s criticism on Pensions towards HKCSS.
  • Arousing public awareness and discussion on the Consultation on Pension Scheme would be the major focus in the coming months. Dealing with government officials would also be crucial in the election year.
  • Exploring the possibility of the Council doing mapping (plotting elderly statistics, demand and supply in the community) and being an information hub to link up resources and needs.


4.          Date of next meeting


There being no other business, members scheduled the next meeting on April 20, 2016 at 4pm.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.