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Agenda and Minutes -
The 3 Meeting 2015/16

Date: 2/6/2016
Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu

  1. Confirmation of the Agenda
  2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting (App 1)
  3. Highlights of work units (App 2 – progress report)
  4. Follow up on updating of LSG manual
  5. Introduction to “NGOs Governance Platform Project”
  6. A. O. B.
  7. Date of next meeting



Dr FUNG Cheung Tim (Chairman)           Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong

Mr KWOK Lit Tung (Vice-Chairman)        Christian Family Service Centre

Ms Susan CHAN                                  Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong

Mr CHUN Shing Chi                              Life Workshop

Mr FONG Cheung Fat                           SAHK

Ms Alice LEE                                       Caritas – Hong Kong

Ms Lilian LAW                                      The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Ms Irene LEUNG                                   The Salvation Army

Ms Annie LO                                        Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Ms Kathy WONG                                   Playright Children’s Play Association

Mr James WONG                                   Hong Kong People’s Council on Housing Policy

Ms Noel YEUNG                                     Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

Ms Yvonne YEUNG                                 Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association



Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie             St James’ Settlement


In attendance: 

Dr John FUNG                                HKCSS

Ms CHEUNG Lai Wah (Secretary)       HKCSS

Mr Stella HO                                  HKCSS

Ms Lois LAM                                   HKCSS

Mr Tony LEE                                   HKCSS

Ms Hindy KAI (Recorder)                   HKCSS


1.         Confirmation of the Agenda

1.1    The agenda of the meeting was confirmed.



2.         Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1    The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed.



3.         Highlights of work units

Membership and Liaison Services

3.1        A standard to calculate administrative cost of time limited project has been discussed and would be submitted to Specialized Committee on Agency Finance, SCD Standing Committee and finally to SWD for consideration and support. The standard would be based on project size and nature, regardless of the agency financial background.


3.2        Review on Eligibility Criteria of Membership Application was conducting. The Committee agreed with the fair and just rules to examine, monitor and terminate membership. Committee members were also concerned about the inability of some NGO members to pay their membership fees. A paper would be submitted to the Committee for consideration in the next meeting.


3.3        Friendly Reminder: Upcoming Council’s AGM: 10 Nov 2016.


International and Mainland China Affairs

3.4        A visit to Beijing has been confirmed during 16-17 June 2016 to meet with concerned authorities for exchanging views towards the Foreign NGOs Management Law to be enacted in January 2017.


3.5        Mr. CHUA Hoi Wai, the Chief Executive of Council has been elected as the North East Asia Regional President in International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW). In addition, Mongolia Council has rejoined ICSW as a national member in North East Asia.


Information Technology Resource Centre

3.6        There was a security issue due to the attack of ransomware in the sector. A few agencies suffered as victims. Since most of the ransomware attacks were not easily curable, NGO members were recommended not to open suspicious email attachments as a basic step of prevention. Further briefings will be organized for education purpose.


HKCSS Institute

3.7        The next CEO Luncheon would be rescheduled to 8 July 2016. Speaker of the Luncheon would be Mr. Ricky Wong of HKTV.    



4.         Follow up on updating of LSG manual

4.1        A letter has been sent to SWD to express Council’s concerns on updating of LSG manual on 31 May 2016. Members’ Memo on this issue has been sent to all Agency Members on 1 June 2016. Both the letter and the memo were supposed to address the principles and operation issues of LSG Manual. MLS has received 10 written views and 20 calls from agency members towards this issue.

4.2        An extended meeting with SWD would be held on 21 June 2016. Members of Specialized Committee on Agency Finance and SCD Standing Committee are welcomed. MLS was collecting the agenda items to be discussed in the meeting. The progress would also be updated in the coming Agency Heads Meeting.

4.3        Members also raised their concerns to the lowering flexibility of LSG, and the conflicts between LSG principles, service operation and auditing system.

4.4        LSG trainings were suggested so that new managerial staff in NGOs could have better understanding towards LSG and its principles. A deeper understanding of the historical development of the LSG system could further benefit the dialogue and discussion with SWD.



5.         Introduction to “NGOs Governance Platform Project”

5.1        The Project and its major activities were introduced. A Steering Committee composing of 9 members has been formed to oversee the Project. Visitation program will be conducted to create opportunities for direct dialogue with NGO board members.


5.2        Committee members opined that the project carried with it certain sensitive concerns and the Council should be aware of the variation in readiness for governance capacity development across member NGOs. Moreover, for the program to be accepted by member NGOs, it must be seen as adding value to the board. Sharing of detailed project activities with member NGOs would be helpful.



6.         Any Other Business

6.1        Committee members raised their concerns towards the cessation of Social Welfare Development Fund (SWDF) after its Phase III. It was suggested that continuation of SWDF should be advocated in the meeting with SWD on June 21, and be included in the platform of potential candidates of HKSAR Chief Executive Election.



7.         Date of next meeting

19 July 2016; 2:30pm