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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 2015/16

Date: 17/3/2016
Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu

  1. Welcome new members
  2. Minutes of last meeting (App 1)
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Progress Update (App 2 – to follow) and highlight of each work unit
  5. Business Plan of 16-17 (App 3 – to follow)
  6. E-voting at HKCSS AGM (App 4)
  7. A. O. B.
  8. Date of next meeting



Dr FUNG Cheung Tim (Chairman)               Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong

Mr KWOK Lit Tung (Vice-Chairman)            Christian Family Service Centre

Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie                      St James’ Settlement

Mr FONG Cheung Fat                               SAHK

Ms Alice LEE                                          Caritas – Hong Kong

Ms YEUNG Kin Ha, Yvonne                         Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association

Ms YEUNG Yee Ching, Noel                        Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian                           Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, The

Mr James WONG Man Tai                           Hong Kong People’s Council on Housing Policy

Mr CHUN Shing Chi                                   Life Workshop



Ms CHAN Ching Yee, Susan                         Evangelical Lutheran Church SocialService – Hong Kong

Ms WONG Kin Ho, Kathy                             Playright Children’s Play Association

Ms Irene LEUNG                                        Salvation Army, The

Ms LO Ka Lok, Annie                                   Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


In attendance:

Dr John FUNG                                                HKCSS

Ms CHEUNG Lai Wah (Secretary)                       HKCSS

Ms Antonia CHAN                                           HKCSS

Ms Lois LAM                                                  HKCSS

Mr Tony LEE                                                  HKCSS

Mr TAM Wai Kuen                                            HKCSS

Ms Jocelyn TSE (Recorder)                               HKCSS


1          Welcoming new members

Dr FUNG Cheung Tim welcomed all Committee members and the 2 new members, Mr James WONG Man Tai and Mr CHUN Shing-Chi.


2          Confirmation of the Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 3 December 2015 were confirmed and adopted.


3          Matters Arising

 There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.


4          Progress Update and highlight of each work unit


Information Technology Resource Centre


4.1  SocTech and DBS Social Innovators 2016

4.1.1        Tony LEE from ITRC reported that 4 Social Innovative workshops had been held with 120 participants.

4.1.2        The objective was to engage and connect social innovators from different sectors with Information and communication Technology (ICT) concepts. Speakers from IT, education and IT Startups are asked to share their different innovative ideas

4.1.3        The contest will kick-off in end March which DBS will select 10 finalists and each of them will receive a prize of HK$20,000 to test and validate the ideas, and to develop the prototype for final pitching. Top 3 winners will be selected for the final pitch to compete for the funding award of HKD450,000 for each team to realize their social IT project. All the funding will be supported by DBS.


4.2   System Security Audit

4.2.1        ITRC has a plan to provide free security audit for NGOs. A funding proposal for the Lotteries Fund will be sought for supporting the project. Apparently according to a research done in last year, NGOs are convinced of the need of tightening network security. However there are competing needs forbidding NGOs to improve their network protection.

4.2.2       The biggest hurdle at the moment is that SWD believes that as the SWDF covers such an area, it would be difficult to justify a separate source of fund for it.

4.2.3       Another concern is that if NGOs would be able to use SWDF or other funds to fix the problem if the security audit had discovered security loopholes.


International & Mainland China Affairs


4.3  Meeting with Ministry of Civil Affairs

A new Vice Minister of Ministry of Civil Affairs in Mainland China visited the Council. During the meeting, the development of the Council and local sector in Hong Kong was introduced. There was also a brief discussion on the impact of the new Foreign NGOs Management Law to be enacted in the near future. Concerns of HK NGOs were expressed.


4.4  Joint World Conference 2016

4.4.1        The Joint World Conference will be held in June 2016 in Seoul, Korea. A delegation of 10 persons will be formed to attend the conference.

4.4.2        HKCSS will organize a symposium on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation in Affluent Societies in Asia-Pacific Region in SWSD 2016. Moreover Our Chief Executive Mr CHAU Hoi Wai has been invited to participate in a symposium about “Long Term Care Policy in Changing Asia” hosted by ICSW Taiwan.


Membership Liaison and Services

4.5   Exchange session on Accounting Inspection, Social Welfare Department

An exchange session was conducted on 29 Feb with the participation of two branches in SWD, namely the Subventions Branch and the Finance Branch. NGOs were concerned how the inspection should respect the basic principles of Lump Sum Grant and allow flexibilities for NGOs to manage their resources. Also unclear definition of “FSA-related” activities was raised. NGOs also raised the idea of relaxing the difficult-to-comply operational items and the setting up of a one-stop liaison officer for each NGO. In addition, NGOs asked for more meetings and sharing sessions with SWD to iron out the many difficult problems involved.


4.6   Specialized Committee on Sector Finance has formed three sub-groups.


4.6.1       Competitive Bidding

To address the many issues involved in the tendering and bidding procedures in relation to NGOs


4.6.2       Industry Standard

To develop a formula to address the central administration cost of NGOs in supporting time-limited projects  


4.6.3       Sustainability of Lump Sum Grant

To address the many issues related to LSG, including but not limited to the baseline review, more support for provident fund etc.


4.7   ORSO Scheme

Data indicates that amongst the 32 participating NGOs, 50% of their staff will retire in the coming 10 years. As the total fund size will decrease, how to control the increasing administration charge would be a focus. The Committee would like to engage a specialist to help studying alternatives and strategies.


4.8  Joint Insurance Scheme

4.8.1        There is a total of 133 NGOs in the scheme, including 3 newly joined.

4.8.2        The contract with JLT to provide consultancy service will be expired soon soon and the Committee of JIS will conduct a service performance review.

4.8.3        Accident insurance claims are increasing. Workshop will be organized to address risk management and preventative measures to increase occupational safety and to protect employees.


HKCSS Institute


4.9  HKCSSI Prospectus (Semester 16A)

HKCSSI has collaborated with two new partners, IBM and the Ken Blanchard Companies, for new courses which will be featured in the upcoming prospectus.


4.10    NGO Leadership Development Project & CEO Competency Modeling (HKUEXCEL3) – Phase II

4.10.1    The Forum on Good Practices in Building Organisation Health and Capacity for NGOs will be held on April 25, 2016.

4.10.2    The Forum on Board Governance about board member recruitment and retention challenges will be held on April 29, 2016.


4.11    HR Managers’ Club

A follow-up talk of the sharing session about Contracts (Right of Third Party) Ordinance was held on 8 March 2016. A highlight of the sharing will be published in the upcoming Semester 16A prospectus.


4.12    Salary Survey 2015


The Report-back Session was held on January 28, 2016. In February, a member of the HKCSSI Steering Committee raised the concern that through conducting the survey, we might have violated certain regulations included in the Competition Ordinance because HKCSS disclosed some sensitive information to participants of the Salary Survey. The Council has decided that legal advice would be sought. (post meeting notes: a meeting with the Competition Commission was held and it was clarified our conducting the survey would not constitute a breach to the Competition Ordinance)


5          Business Plan of 16-17


Highlights in the Business Plan were presented for members’ feedback. Amongst other comments, it was reaffirmed that the training needs of NGOs would continue to be in great demand. It was suggested that the HKCSSI could review its positioning, and focus more on collaboration and leveraging with existing players in the training field to meet those needs.


6          e-Voting at HKCSS AGM


6.1  A paper on adopting electronic means to assist the annual election in the Council was presented.


6.2  Despite the possible gain of efficiency in vote counting, members also acknowledged the limitations of various systems the paper had covered. Moreover, it was also doubtful if the electronic methods would increase the motivation of participating in the election.


6.3  It was advised that the concerns raised in the paper, such as that about security, accuracy, integrity, swiftness, privacy and auditability of using e-Voting would need to be fully addressed before the proposal could be seen as implementable.


7          A.O.B


LINK – REIT shopping centre issues


The Link – REIT have been selling shopping centres within which some of our members’ service centres locate. Despite the fact that the land leases might have prescribed the maximum rent of those welfare premises, the new owners have been coercing NGOs to pay a much higher management fees. The Council has expressed concerns and would continue to remind the government of her duty in protecting welfare premises. Apparently the government has reaffirmed that no new owners would be allowed to make use of any loopholes to force out NGO users of those welfare premises. The Council will follow up on that issue by writing directly to the Secretary for Transport and Housing, and will continue to monitor progress.


8          Date of Next Meeting


The date of next meeting was confirmed to be Jun 2, 2016 (Thu) at 2:30pm in Room 1410.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm.