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Agenda and Minutes -
The 3 Meeting 15/16

Date: 2016/03/24
Time: 14:30
Location: Room 1002A, 10/F, DWSSB, Wanchai


1           Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting (Appendix 1)

2           Matters arising

2.1          Manpower shortage

2.2          Consultation on the proposed legislation to implement the recommendations of the law reform commission report on child custody and access (Appendix 2)


3           For discussion

3.1          Briefing Session on Policy Address 2016 (Appendix 3)

3.2          2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting (WAPS) Exercise (Appendix 4)

3.3          Business Plan 2016-17 (Appendix 5)

3.4          ICYS review - Implications for the collaboration of other services

3.5          Youth suicide (Appendix 6)


4           For Information

4.1          Progress report (Appendix 7)


5           Any other business


6           Date of next meeting and proposed meeting schedule for 2016





17 May 2016

at 2:30pm


19 July 2016

at 2:30pm


20 September 2016

at 2:30pm


Minutes of the 3rd meeting held on 24 March 2016 at 2:30pm in Room 1002A of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.



Mrs Helina Yuk (Chairperson)

Hong Kong SKH Lady MacLehose Centre


Ms Cindy Leung (Vice-chairperson)

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Ms Emily Kwong

Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre


Ms Lam Yee Mui

The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong


Mr Lai Wing Hoi

Caritas – Hong Kong


Mr Raymond Lai

The Salvation Army


Mrs Winnie Wong

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
/ Rep of SC (Rehab)


Dr Ernest Chui

Life Members


Mr Ng Ting Shan

Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association

/ Rep of SC (ELD)


Ms Crystal Cheng






Ms Grace Chan (CO, Elderly)



Mr Moses Mui (CO, FC)



Ms Karen Yiu (CO, CY)



Ms Franki Wong (Recorder)






Mrs Queenie Wong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong


Mr Cooke Cheung

St James' Settlement


Mr Chan Wing Kai

The Hong Kong Council of The Church of Christ in China


Ms Susan So

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children/ Rep of SC (CY)


Mrs Angela Chiu

Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council / Rep of SC (FC)


Dr Lam Ching Choi

Haven of Hope Christian Service/ Co-opted Member


Mr Kuo Chun Chuen (CO, Rehab)






1          Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting

Minutes were confirmed without amendment.


2          Matters arising

2.1         Manpower shortage

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association initiated a new mentorship scheme for inexperienced PTs working in NGOs with mentorship fee of $1,800 for a 3-hour session. If the model worked, Ms Crystal Cheng would explore extending the mentorship programme to OTs. Besides, Task Group on Manpower Shortage Issue had met with IVE to explore the cooperation of formulating tailor-made programme for the semi-professional and multi-skilled staff to share some of the work of OT and PT. Some related training courses were introduced. Concrete cooperation plan had not been discussed yet. The 3rd batch of Master Programme in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy (MOT and MPT programmes) would be most likely commenced in January 2017. The Council would advocate regularizing the MOT and MPT programmes.


2.2         Consultation on the proposed legislation to implement the recommendations of the law reform commission report on child custody and access

The public consultation ended on 25 March 2016. During the consultation period, a series of engagement and view collections were conducted. Opinions from different parties were consistent, which the concept of “Sharing parental responsibility” was supported. However, it was worried that there was a lack of supportive services or specified services for the law reform. The Council had formulated a submission as attached for members’ perusal. The Council would keep continuing the advocacy for the special service and raising concerns on the arrears of maintenance. Besides, a pilot project mainly focusing on the public education on co-parenting funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust was launched on 14 March.


3          For discussion

3.1         Briefing Session on Policy Address 2016

The captioned briefing was held on 10 March. Ms Crystal Cheng highlighted that the formulation of Elderly Service Programme Plan would be finished by end 2017 and seemed that the review on Rehabilitation Programme Plan would be delayed. Members raised the concerns on the poverty alleviation and Ms Cheng would channel to another core business, PRA.


3.2         2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting (WAPS) Exercise

The progress report of SWD was shared for members’ perusal. The annual meeting would be rescheduled due to the availability of Mr Matthew Cheung. It would be most likely held on 1 June 2016, but the venue was to be confirmed. There would be 5 discussion groups, but the grouping suggested by the Council was adopted, which were (1) Children and Youth, (2) Family and Community, (3) Elderly, (4) Rehabilitation and (5) Social Security. More details would be provided once ready.

[Post-meeting note: the annual meeting of WAPS would be held on 20 July 2016.]


3.3         Business Plan 2016-17

Ms Crystal Cheng presented the core items of the business plan. The core items needed Standing Committee taking care of included long term welfare planning, WAPS, preparation of the LegCo and CE elections and 2017 Best Practice Awards. Members suggested pinpointing the advocacy for the mental health issue in the elections.


3.4            ICYSC review - Implications for the collaboration of other services (*updated)

Ms Karen Yiu briefed members on the development of the ICYSC review exercise. A dialogue with SWD was held in December 2015 and SWD arranged 4 sharing sessions with concerned NGOs. It was confirmed that the subvention amount would remain unchanged but cost neutral. Representatives from ICYSC welcomed for the discussion with SWD on the work focus of ICYSC, but increasing output of ICYSC would not be acceptable. The review exercise would take around 1 year and SWD would visit some centers later for consultation. Members suggested pinpointing the district youth work and the effort of ICYSC in FSA. The Council would arrange more platforms for the stakeholders. The Council was planning to organize forums in districts. Each forum would be separated into 2 parts. 1st part would be for center-in-charge of ICYSCs to share their concerns and suggestions. SWD would be invited to join the 2nd part for views exchange. Details would be provided once confirmed.


3.5         Youth suicide

In reposes to the youth suicide cases happened recently, 2 multi-stakeholders meetings were held on 10 and 15 March, while a meeting with SWD and Network on School Social Work was arranged on 11 March 2016. Concerns on the youth mental health and the difficulties in handling those cases were addressed to the SWD. Besides, trust building among youth and adult and collaboration effort among NGOs and different professionals were mentioned. Members believed enhancing the quality of school social work and life education would help as well.



4          For Information

4.1         Progress report

The progress of each team was illustrated in the report. Ms Grace Chan highlighted the Pilot Scheme on Dementia Care organized by Food and Health Bureau (FHB), the Hospital Authority (HA) and SWD. The pilot scheme aimed at formulating a medical-social collaboration model in providing dementia care service to reduce the demand on HA specialist services and shorten the waiting list. At this moment, 9 DECCs were approached. Elderly team would keep following up the issue and they might consider puting this item as one of the welfare agenda in WAPS Exercise.


5          Any other business



6          Date of next meeting and proposed meeting schedule for 2016



Date & Time



17 May 2016

at 2:30pm


19 July 2016

at 2:30pm


20 September 2016

at 2:30pm