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Agenda and Minutes -
The 1 Meeting 15/16

Date: 2015/12/03
Time: 14:30
Location: Room 101, 1/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bui


A g e n d a


1           Welcoming and Introduction

2           Terms of reference of the Standing Committee (Appendix 1)

3           Election of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and representative to Council Exco

4           Nomination of co-opted member for 2015-17

5           Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting for 2014-15(Appendix 2)

6           Matters arising

6.1          Manpower shortage

6.2          Gender mainstreaming

6.3          Elderly Service Program Plan (ESPP)


7           For discussion

7.1          2nd Report of Review Panel of Pilot Project on Child Fatality Review

(Press release by
Full report:

7.2          Midterm evaluation of business plan (2015-16) (Appendix 3 – to be tabled)


8           For Information

8.1          2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

8.2          Progress report (Appendix 4 )


9           Any other business

10       Date of next meeting and proposed meeting schedule for 2015

No. of meeting



21 January 2016 (Thu)


17 March 2016(Thu)


19 May 2016(Thu)


14 July 2016(Thu)


22 September 2016 (Thu)





Minutes of the 1st meeting held on 3 December 2015 at 2:30pm in Room 101 of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.



Mrs Helina Yuk (Chairperson)

Hong Kong SKH Lady MacLehose Centre


Ms Cindy Leung (Vice-chairperson)

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Ms Emily Kwong

Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre


Ms Lam Yee Mui

The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong



Mr Lai Wing Hoi

Caritas – Hong Kong


Mrs Queenie Wong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong


Mr Cooke Cheung

St James' Settlement


Mr Raymond Lai

The Salvation Army


Dr Ernest Chui

Life Members


Mr Ng Ting Shan

Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association

/ Rep of SC (ELD)


Mrs Angela Chiu

Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council / Rep of SC (FC)


Mrs Winnie Wong

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
/ Rep of SC (Rehab)


Ms Crystal Cheng






Ms Karen Yiu (CO, CY)



Ms Grace Chan (CO, Elderly)



Mr Kuo Chun Chuen (CO, Rehab)



Ms Franki Wong (Recorder)






Mr Chan Wing Kai

The Hong Kong Council of The Church of Christ in China


Dr Lam Ching Choi

Haven of Hope Christian Service/ Co-opted Member


Ms Susan So

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children/ Rep of SC (CY)


Mr Moses Mui (CO, FC)






1          Welcoming and Introduction

Ms Crystal Cheng welcomed all members joining the Committee.


2          Terms of reference of the Standing Committee

Terms of reference of the Committee was shared and adopted by the members.


3          Election of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and representative to Council Executive Committee(EXCO)

Mrs Helina Yuk was elected to be the Chairperson, and she would be the representative of Standing Committee to join EXCO as well. Ms Cindy Leung was supported to be the Vice-chairperson.


4          Nomination of co-opted member for 2014-16

After the deliberation, members suggested inviting Mr Fung Pak Yan, former Deputy Director of SWD, to be the co-opted member. Mrs Anna Mak and Mr Cheung Hing Wah were also recommended. Ms Crystal Cheng would make the invitation.


5          Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting

Minutes were confirmed without any amendment.


6          Matters arising

6.1         Manpower shortage

Ms Crystal Cheng recaptured the on-going follow up tasks on the manpower issue, which were:

1.      A task group was formed to discuss the concrete solutions to deal with the shortage of PT, OT and care staff.

2.      Hong Kong Polytechnic University would tentatively launch the 3rd batch of Master Programme on OT and PT, but the tuition fee for each student would be increased to $660,000 due to the cost recovery policy of Poly U.

3.      The Council would line up with Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of Poly U for organizing career talks to introduce the OT and PT work in the welfare sector.

4.      A news corner of NGOs had been created in the newsletter of Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association.

5.      Liaisons with overseas institutes would be arranged to further attract the Hongkongers returning Hong Kong for OT and PT work.

6.      In order to retain the care workers, it was suggested optimizing their working condition by reducing the weekly working hours to 39 hours.


Referred to the MOT/MPT programme, members suggested having a review on its effectiveness. Besides, members suggested exploring the possibility of having clinical mentorship progamme with HA, which would allow colleagues to have more exposure in different work setting. For the shortage problem of care workers, members believed that Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services could not help filling up the vacancy in the long run, and suggested considering engaging the retired people and allowing them to redeem social service with their contribution hours in the NGOs.


6.2         Gender mainstreaming

A seminar would be held by SWD on 11 December 2015. SWD would share how the checklist of gender mainstreaming would be in use. An invitation letter was distributed to the NGOs by SWD. Members were encouraged to join the seminar and raise the concerns there.


6.3         Elderly Service Programme Plan

Ms Grace Chan briefed members on the background of the ESPP. Dr Ernest Chui updated the working progress of the consultancy group. The 1st and 2nd stage of ESPP (“Scoping” and “Formulation”) had been conducted. Before moving to the next stage “Consensus Building”, the consultancy group was drafting the recommendation paper to Elderly Commission for consideration. Recommendations on financial arrangement, manpower, premise and planning standard would be covered in the paper. The projection would be valid to 2030.


7          For discussion

7.1         2nd Report of Review Panel of Pilot Project on Child Fatality Review

Ms Crystal Cheng and Ms Karen Yiu briefed the background of the report. A round table meeting would be held on 15 December 2015 to discuss the enhancement of the case review mechanism. A factsheet of this issue was also tabled for members’ reference. Members agreed with the aims of preventing of occurrence of avoidable child death cases, but the discussion focus was so not clear and they were unable to have an in-depth discussion. It was agreed to consolidate the core concerns from the round table meeting first and restart the discussion in next Standing Committee meeting. In this stage, members expected the mechanism could enhance the service interfacing by pointing out the existing service gap and suggested setting the investigation scope of cases, for example focusing the investigation on the known cases.


7.2         Midterm evaluation of business plan (2015-16)

Ms Crystal Cheng and COs of respective services highlighted the mid-term progress. Presentation PowerPoint and detailed report would be shared with members. Regarding to the Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting (WAPS) Exercise, members hesitated there would be a lack of general picture across each service discussion if the report-back session would be cancelled in the next year. Ms Cheng explained the difficulty and would prepare the protocol of the whole exercise for members’ reference.


8          For Information

8.1         2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

The result of the winners had been released and 18 projects were awarded. The award presentation was conducted in the Council’s AGM on 12 November 2015. A booklet introducing the winning projects was published. To further promote the effort and excellence of the welfare sector, different channels were used, for example, newspaper supplement in Sky Post and HKET, mini-site in CTgoodjob’s website, interview by RoadShow, HKCSS Channel and Facebook. For the follow up work, a conference on evidence-based practice would be held together with our research team on 21 March 2016. Details would be provided once ready.  


8.2         Progress report

The progress of each team was illustrated in the report. 


9          A.O.B.

HKCSS Convention would be held on 10 May 2016. Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary of HKSAR, would be the officiating guest. Promotion had been distributed to agency members and the concerned memo was tabled for members’ perusal. Ms Crystal Cheng wished members could actively participate in the event. Besides, the Extended Governance Meeting would be held on 25 January 2016. Details would be shared with members once ready.


10      Date of next meeting

Since some of the members were unable to join the meetings on most Thursdays, our meetings would be rearranged 3rd or 4th Tuesday in odd months. Thus, the new proposed schedule was shown below:

No. of meeting




19 January 2016

at 2:30pm


22 March 2016

at 2:30pm


17 May 2016

at 2:30pm


19 July 2016

at 2:30pm


20 September 2016

at 2:30pm

[Post-meeting note: Since Ms Crystal Cheng was sick on 19 January 2016, the 2nd meeting would be rescheduled to 15 February 2016 at 2pm]