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Agenda and Minutes -
The 5 Meeting 14/15

Date: 13/7/2015
Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu


Presentation on "An overview of the Social Work Manpower Requirements System (SWMRS)"  

1. Endorsement of minutes of last meeting (App 1)

2. Matters arising

3. Progress update of each work unit (App 2 – to follow)

4. Discussion items

    Responses to the planned of 1 % cut down of Government expenditure in 2 consecutive years (App 3)

5. A. O. B.


Minutes of the 5th meeting of the 2014-2015 Term, held on 13 July 2015 at 2:30 pm at Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.




Dr FUNG Cheung Tim (Vice-Chairperson)

Ms CHONG Po Ling, Chris

Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie

Mr KWOK Lit Tung

Mrs LEE LAU Chu Lai, Julie

Ms LO Ka Lok, Annie

Mr YAU How Boa, Stephen

Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy



Mr FONG Cheung Fat

Mr LAU Kwok Wa, Otto

Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian

Ms Alice LEE

Ms LEUNG Pui Yiu, Irene

Ms WONG Kin Ho, Kathy



Dr John FUNG


Ms Lois LAM

Mr Tony LEE

Ms Fanny LEUNG

Mr CHEUNG Siu Cheung (recorder)


1.    Presentation on “An overview of the Social Work Manpower Requirements System (SWMRS)”

Ms Brenda LAU, Chief Social Work Officer (Staff Development and Training) and Mr CHAN Yiu-ming, Statistician (Social Welfare) 1 of Social Welfare Department were invited to give a presentation on "An overview of the Social Work Manpower Requirements System (SWMRS)".  The speakers highlighted that the SWMRS aimed at providing information on demand and supply of social welfare personnel.  A joint committee comprising of SWD and HKCSS representatives has been steering the SWMRS since 1987.  The speakers also introduced the methodology of the SWMRS.  The System would be updated annually and more than 760+ NGOs organizations would be approached to provide the data. They include Agency Members of HKCSS, Hospital Authority, Department of Health, Training Institutes, SWD, private elderly homes etc. and the response rate was over 90%.  The report of SWMRS would be released in mid-July 2015.    

The speakers shared the findings of the report of SWMRS with the Committee Members.  It was observed that the trend of the demand for social welfare personnel was higher than the supply in 2014/15, probably due to the upgrading of elderly and rehabilitation services and higher requirements of manpower in central administration.  Committee Members exchanged their views with the speakers and indicated that the SWMRS could only reflect the requirements of manpower of the employers rather than the service demands. Committee Members also suggested that the coverage of the list of NGOs should be as comprehensive as possible.  


2.    Endorsement of minutes of last meeting

As the Chairperson, Ms. Lilian LAW, is taking a 6-months sick leave, the meeting was chaired by the Vice-Chairperson, Dr. FUNG Cheung Tim.  Committee Members thank the contributions of Ms. Lilian Law to the Standing Committee during the past years and wish her to get well very soon.  

The minutes of last meeting was endorsed without amendment.

3.    Matters arising

3.1 Regarding para 5.2, the Committee decided the vacant post of Ms. Kris TONG would not be replaced for the rest of the term 2014-15.

4.     Progress update

4.1   Membership Liaison and Service

4.1.1 Ms. Irene LEUNG, Mr. Otto LAU and Mr. Andy HO have served the Committee for 2 consecutive terms, they would leave the Committee. As the annual election of the Council’s governance has started, the Chairperson invited members to participate in the election.  Dr. John Fung also invited members to participate in the election of Specialized Committee on Sector Finance. The deadline for the nomination of the Specialized Committee would be on 30 July 2015. 

4.1.2 Three workers unions met with Dr. John Fung and Mr. CHUA Hoi Wai last week to discuss the issue of back pay and the level of contribution of MPF.  The Council had explained its position that agencies have their own policies on HR and use of resources. The unions requested to have joint action with the Council and Dr. John Fung sought comments from Committee Members.  Members commented that the Council has existing platform to work with the unions and the unions have their unique roles and functions. It was appropriated that the Council should stay as a platform for NGOs.

4.1.3 The HSBC only agreed to offer the Flag Day service to 52 NGOs each year.  The Council has also contacted BEA, Chartered Bank, Heng Sang Bank and BOC to work out possible plans for NGOs.  The HK Monetary Authority agreed to provide coin car for NGOs to collect coins on Flag Day.  A pilot test would be conducted and this service would be introduced to NGOs.

4.1.4 The 3-year bank charge waive period was due. HSBC has met with agencies’ management to see what improvement measures have done during the past 3 years.  It was noticed that an individual agency had been successfully in negotiating with HSBC to waive the bank charge.   Ms. Cheung Lai Wah asked members to inform her if they knew of any successful cases. 

4.2   International & Mainland China Affairs

4.2.1 The Council met with Mrs. Rita Fan to address the concern of the new Foreign NGO Management Law of the sector.  Mrs. Fan agreed to invite government officials from China to explain the content of the Law to the sector.  It was noticed that the Chinese government has stalled the third reading of the Law.  

4.3   NGO Capacity Building and HKCSS Institute

4.3.1 The Executive Development Programme for Small NGOs which supports the training need of small non-subvented NGOs was soft launched.  Five small NGOs have successfully applied for the subsidy. 

4.3.2 The New Learning and Growth Appreciation Scheme has defined six aspects, known as Training, Development, Knowledge Sharing, External Orientation, Innovation for Change, and Executive Commitment to enhance the capacity building culture in the sector.  

4.4   Information Technology Resource Centre

4.4.1 NGO Day 2015 was successfully held on 2 June 2015 with more than 170 participants. Also, 40 NGOs colleagues attended the VIP luncheon.

4.4.2 The Flag Bag Management System was launched.  The System made use of the scanner in mobile phone to detect and record the location of flag bags.  Mr. Johnnie CHU stated that St. James Settlement participated in the test run on 27 June 2015.  Some technical problems were encountered, e.g. volunteers were unable to connect with network at some spots and some of them might lack the knowledge of using smart phone.  Members also suggested issuing a memo to Agency Members again to introduce this new initiative.


5.     Discussion Items

        Responses to the planned of 1% cut of Government expenditure in 2 consecutive years: 

Ms. Cheung Lai Wah highlighted that an extended meeting of core group members of the sector finance and agency heads was held on 10 June 2015.  The position of the Council was:

- To discuss with high level government officials that the welfare sector has no further capacity to cut budget.

- The sector objected the budget cut and would take joint action.

- The rationales of objection include:

  • Agencies have financial difficulties;
  • The Government holds 700 billion reserve and has surplus every year;
  • The cut of Government expenditure should not be applied to NGOs;
  • NGOs could not afford to the 1% cut.  This would affect the service and LSG;

The Agency Heads Meeting to be held tomorrow would discuss this issue with 60+ Agency Heads and the Council would seek members’ views on issuing a joint letter to the Labour and Welfare Bureau.


6.     A.O.B.

6.1 Ms. Cheung Lai Wah raised that the Department of Justice has issued a Consultation Paper on Enactment of Apology Legislation in Hong Kong and sough for public opinion.  As the Apology Legislation would have implications for insurance, agency administration and services, etc., Committee members agreed to entrust the Steering Committee on Joint Insurance Scheme to study the issue and to consider submitting a position to the Department of Justice. 

6.2 Dr. John FUNG raised that the Government has extended the retirement age of civil servant and sought Committee Members comments on whether the sector should follow the Government’s practice or not.  As there was no urgent need, Committee Members agreed not to handle this issue at the moment.     


The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.