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Agenda and Minutes -
The 5 Meeting 14/15

Date: 2015/07/24
Time: 14:30
Location: 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1           Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting (Appendix 1- to be followed)

2           Matters arising

2.1          Feasibility Study of introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Service for the Elderly

2.2          Manpower Shortage


3           For discussion

3.1          Free Kindergarten Education(Appendix 2)


免費幼稚園教育委員會報告 (連摘要)

回應免費幼稚園教育委員會報告 - 業界諮詢會 )

3.2          Employment issue of people with disabilities

3.3          Elderly Service Programme Plan

3.4          Evaluation on 2015 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting Exercise (WAPS)


4           For Information

4.1          Annual Submission(Appendix 3)

4.2          2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

4.3          Progress report (Appendix 4)


5           Any other business

6           Date of next meeting

17 September 2015 (Thu) at 9:30am





Minutes of the 5th meeting held on 24 July 2015 at 2:30pm in Room 1410 of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.



Dr Annissa Lui (Chairperson)

Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod


Ms Sania Yau(Vice-chairperson)

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Ms Maggie Chan

Caritas – Hong Kong


Dr Ernest Chui

Life Members


Ms Cindy Leung

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Mrs Queenie Wong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong


Ms Chan Pui Yi

Hong Kong Christian Service             


Ms Emily Kwong

Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre


Mr Chan Wing Kai


The Hong Kong Council of The Church of Christ in China


Ms Lam Yee Mui

The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong


Mrs Helina Yuk

Hong Kong SKH Lady MacLehose Centre/ Rep of SC (FC)


Mr Raymond Lai

The Salvation Army/ Rep of SC (CY)


Mrs Winnie Wong

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf / Rep of SC (Rehab)


Mr Laurence Ho

Co-opted Member


Ms Crystal Cheng






Ms Karen Yiu (CO, CY)



Ms Grace Chan (CO, Elderly)



Mr Moses Mui (CO, FC)



Mr Kuo Chun Chuen (CO, Rehab)



Ms Franki Wong (Recorder)






Dr Lam Ching Choi

Co-opted Member


Mr Yeung Chiap To

Sik Sik Yuen/ Rep of SC (ELD)





1          Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were confirmed without any amendment.


2          Matters arising

2.1         Feasibility Study of introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Service for the Elderly

NGOs had already expressed their objection on implementation the voucher scheme on residential care service for the elderly. Worries and concerns were channeled as well. The voucher scheme would be held up in the meanwhile. For the voucher scheme on community care service, the outcome was not good as expected. Related LegCo papers would be shared with members. 


2.2         Manpower Shortage

Collaboration with Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, there would be a “NGO Corner” in the newsletter of the PT Association to introduce the NGO work to the PT practitioners and students.

For the MOT/PT programme, SWD had communicated with Poly U. The next course would consider to be held in 2017 instead of next year. Despite the significant increase of the course fee, SWD would still support continuing the course. The ideas of recruiting OT and PT from overseas or providing sponsorship for studying aboard were raised. However, no positive response was received from SWD about the sponsorship.


3          For discussion

3.1         Free Kindergarten Education

Regarding to the captioned issue, the Council had conducted an opinion poll. A press released was distributed on 23 May 2015. Besides, Joint hand with Alliance on the Fight for 15th-year Free Education(爭取15年免費教育大聯盟), a consultation forum was held on 1 June 2015. Ms Karen Yiu reported the key concerns, including:

l   To increase the number of place of whole-day (WD) and long WD (LWD) education with concrete time schedule

l   To provide extra the subsidy to the WD and LWD service

l   The additional 1-3 headcounts for LWD kindergartens should be kindergarten teachers

l   Detail information of the kindergartens should be provided in bilingual


Members expressed that the existing “Free Kindergarten Education” was not the same as expected since the education was not totally free but co-payment might be needed in some cases. Members reminded that the subsidy should be calculated with the operating cost of a kindergarten instead of the existing school fee and suggested that the subsidy should be divided into 3 parts, (1) basic subsides, (2) subsides vary the numbers of students, and (3) school-based specialty e.g. education for SEN or EM students. Other than the subsidy mode, members also showed concerns on the education for children aged 2-3 since this was not within the responsible age range of Education Bureau.




3.2         Employment issue of people with disabilities (PwDs)

Mr Kuo Chuen Chun reported that the unemployment rate of PwDs was remained at the high level and most of them were facing the problem of poverty. A working group concerning this situation was formed under Commission on Poverty.  3 focus groups were conducted. Stakeholders including NGOs, employers, user groups and service users, joined the discussion. Suggestions were made as follows:

  1. To strengthen the continuous support for the employed PwDs by using the mode of membership to maintain the connection with the PwDs
  2. To switch the core function of Selective Placement Division of Labor Department to job matching and NGOs would be responsible for the support for PwDs
  3. To enhance the CSSA to encourage PwDs to enter the job market
  4. To provide placement or internship by the Government or large-scale companies
  5. To provide bonus scores for the companies employing PwDs in restricted tender
  6. To provide taxation incentive for employers


Members agreed that PwDs needed a flexible range of support after getting employed. Members suggested separating the subsidies of medical allowance from the CSSA, so as to lower their hesitation of quitting from the CSSA safety net. Besides, setting up a one-stop support office was needed as well, especially for the PwDs who were not receiving any service from NGOs.


3.3         Elderly Service Programme Plan

2nd stage of ESPP consultation had started and focus groups on 15 topics were conducted. Since quite a lot of people could not join those focus groups, the consultancy team had arranged 5 more public consultation forums. Views would be submitted to the Elderly Commission after consolidation by the Consultancy. The coming stage for consultation aimed at seeking for consensus. Different scenario would be recommended for further discussion.


3.4         Evaluation on 2015 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting Exercise (WAPS)

The annual meeting of WAPS was held on 3 June 2015 with over 400 participants. Besides the participation of the NGOs and service users, LWB, SWD and related advisory committees also joined the discussion that day. The evaluation meeting with SWD would be held on 1 September 2015.


Mrs Queenie Wong reflected the hardship of the discussion on Youth issues with SWD. Since most of youth-related hot issues were not under SWD’s ambit, or involved cross-bureaux collaboration, participants felt disappointed with SWD’s irresponsive attitude towards youth issue. Specialized Committee on Children and Youth Service had raised few suggestions:

  1. Take turn hosting the discussion by HKCSS and SWD
  2. Reorganizing the group to “Children and Youth Service” and “Family and Community Service”
  3. Invite concerned governmental departments to join the group discussion
  4. Cancel the pre-meeting with the Assistant Director of SWD


Members understood that the platform of WAPS limited the discussion area since the programme was co-organized with SWD. But some members reflected that the WAPS had become an annual nominal programme after running 5 years and doubted on the effectiveness of WAPS to gain the new resources for meeting the social need, especially youth service. Thus, it was agreed to have a working meeting to deliberate the enhancement and new ideas for WAPS.


4          For Information

4.1         Annual Submission

Items for coming Annual Submission were shared for members’ perusal. The content of the paper included two parts, one for new items and another for the follow-up items of the previous year.


4.2         2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

The 2nd round adjudication meetings were just conducted on 14 and 15 July 2015. Winners of 2 Gold Awards and Top Ten Best Practice Awards would be selected. Besides, 12 projects would be recommended by the panels to continue the competition of Special Awards. Some of Standing Committee members would be invited to be the panelists for the Special Awards. More details would be provided later.


4.3         Progress report

The progress of each team was illustrated in the report. Item #7 Forum on Future Development of Cyber Youth Work was highlighted. The service contract of the Cyber Youth Work had been extended for half year. 3 agencies had already submitted proposals to SWD for bidding the new money from the Jockey Club Charities Trust. A seminar was co-organized with Office of Hon Cheung Kwok Che and The Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union held on 27 June 2015. The service development was discussed in the forum.


Regarding to item #11 Study Visit on Supporting Divorced Family in United Kingdom, the study visit was arranged in June, while the report back would be held in September 2015.  The law reform of joint custody would be launched within the HKSAR Chief Executive's term of office.  The best interest of the children was concerned and the supportive service should be provided.


For item #19 Liaison Meeting with SWD on Services for Pre-school Disabled Children, there would be a pilot project to provide on-site rehabilitation services for children with SEN who were studying in ordinary kindergartens, or kindergarten-cum-child care centres.  3000 quotas would be provided in 2 years and the total subsidies would be around HK$12million.


5          A.O.B.


6          Date of next meeting

17 September 2015 (Thu) at 9:30am