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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 14/15

Date: 2015/05/15
Time: 14:30
Location: 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1           Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting (Appendix 1)

2           Matters arising

2.1          Special project (vacant schools in Tai Po and Tuen Mun Districts)

2.2          Feasibility Study of introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Service for the Elderly

2.3          Manpower Shortage


3           For discussion

3.1          2015 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting Exercise (WAPS) (Appendix 2)

3.2          Initial ideas of Annual Submission

3.3          Address Social Issue via Social Media


4           For Information

4.1          2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

4.2          Progress report (Appendix 2à 3)


5           Any other business

6           Date of next meeting

24 July 2015(Fri) at 2:30pm





Minutes of the 4th meeting held on 15 May 2015 at 2:30pm in Room 1410 of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.



Dr Annissa Lui (Chairperson)

Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod


Ms Maggie Chan

Caritas – Hong Kong


Mrs Queenie Wong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong


Ms Cindy Leung

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Dr Ernest Chui

Life Members


Mr Yeung Chiap To

Sik Sik Yuen/ Rep of SC (ELD)


Mrs Winnie Wong

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf / Rep of SC (Rehab)


Ms Crystal Cheng






Ms Karen Yiu (CO, CY)



Ms Grace Chan (CO, Elderly)



Mr Moses Mui (CO, FC)



Mr Eddie Tsang (SM, CC)



Ms Franki Wong (Recorder)






Ms Sania Yau(Vice-chairperson)

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Ms Chan Pui Yi

Hong Kong Christian Service             


Ms Emily Kwong

Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre


Mr Chan Wing Kai


The Hong Kong Council of The Church of Christ in China


Ms Lam Yee Mui

The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong


Mrs Helina Yuk

Hong Kong SKH Lady MacLehose Centre/ Rep of SC (FC)


Mr Raymond Lai

The Salvation Army/ Rep of SC (CY)


Dr Lam Ching Choi

Co-opted Member


Mr Laurence Ho

Co-opted Member


Mr Kuo Chun Chuen (CO, Rehab)






1          Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were confirmed without any amendment.


2          Matters arising

2.1         Special project (vacant schools in Tai Po and Tuen Mun Districts)

Ms Crystal Cheng reported that the reprovision of the ICCMW in Tuen Mun would be done with the existing mode, while SWD had proposed a new mode for bidding the premises in Tai Po.  With the aim of encouraging more small to medium sized NGOs participating in the special project and speeding up the process, interested NGO could pair up with different NGOs for bidding the whole premise and the NGO occupied with the largest area would take a lead in the construction. Members reflected the process could not be shortened with the new bidding mode and it would lead some implementation problems as well. LWB wished the project could be launched in the end of 2015. Views had been channeled to respective departments.


2.2         Feasibility Study of introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Service for the Elderly

The consultant team had already sent the report to LWB. Representatives of Specialized Committee on Elderly Service had met with LWB for channeling the hesitations on the scheme.


2.3         Manpower Shortage

Regarding to the blister programme of MPT and MOT, SWD would invite Poly U for a meeting to express the concerns on the significant increase of the course fee. Suggested in the Task Group on Manpower Shortage, several ideas would be further explored:

  1. Recruiting OT and PT from overseas
  2. Providing sponsorship to study aboard with undertaking of work attachment
  3. Urging for recognizing an integrated post with professional and tailor-made training to share part of OT and PT’s duty
  4. Having mentoring scheme for the NGOs without the post of PT1


3          For discussion

3.1         2015 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting Exercise (WAPS)

The annual meeting of WAPS would be held on 3 June 2015. Specialized Committees had already started preparing the draft of proposed welfare agenda. Although the Government’s interpretation of welfare planning was different from the welfare setor, the Council would keep advocating for the concrete plans on manpower and premises, and the kick start of rehabilitation service programme plan. The proposal welfare agenda was listed in Appendix 2. The paper would be further elaborated and would be submitted to SWD in July.

3.2         Initial ideas of Annual Submission

The annual submission would be ready in July. In the meanwhile, suggestions from members were welcomed. Since Hong Kong Chief Executive Election would be held in 2017, this annual submission would be used for lobbying the potential candidates as well. One of the proposed items was to recognize the need of supporting the residents of new public housing in facilitating to build up the network and relationship among residents. Members reminded that Housing Authority provided similar service. Mr Moses Mui clarified that the Specialized Committee aimed at having a policy and providing support to the residents for around 6 years instead of having a short term project.


3.3         Address Social Issue via Social Media

Mr Eddie Tsang shared the Council’s work of using social media. The whole production would be conducted in-house. The Corporate Communication team would massage the complicated issue and visualizing the key message. Members were welcomed to raise the agenda for the video firming.


4          For Information

4.1         2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

86 submissions were received and 1st round adjudication was in progress. 1st round result would be announced in June 2015. Around 30% of the submission would be selected for 2nd round assessment.


4.2         Progress report

The progress of each team was illustrated in the report. Ms Crystal Cheng highlighted item#3 - the work of Expert Group on Dementia that the report on dementia had been drafted by the administration of the Expert group. Expert group members from the welfare sector had raised some concerns and new initiatives, for example, having special healthcare voucher, district-based coordination, having special daycare centre for dementia clients with Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD), etc.

Referred to item #15 - Three Year Plan on Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation (2015-2017), Mr Moses Mui reported that the Three Year Plan would be released in June 2015.


5          A.O.B.

5.1         15-year free education

The reported on the captioned topic would be released within this month. The arrangement for long whole-day kindergarten education was concerned. Regarding to this, the Council would conduct a public poll and reflect the public’s views to the Government. A forum would be held on 1 June as well. Representatives from Education Bureau would attend the forum.


6          Date of next meeting

24 July 2015(Fri) 2:30pm at Room 1410