The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 14/15

Date: July 10, 2015
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


1. To receive the agenda

2. To confirm the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)

3. Business Update

3.1 Annual Report (Appendix 2)

3.2 Policy Research and Advocacy

3.3 Social Impact Assessment

3.4 Sector’s Capacity Building

3.5 Overseas Event

4. Matters for Discussion

4.1 Hong Kong Financial Education Landscape Research  (Appendix 3)

4.2 中年社區精神復康服服務使用者的生活狀況及服務需要研究 (Appendix 4)

5. Any other business

6. Next date of meeting 




July 10, 2015 (Friday)


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


Mr. Wong Chi Hung, Edmond (Chairperson)

-   Caritas - Hong Kong


Ms. Wong Wai Mui, Nancy

(Vice Chairperson)

-   Christian Family Service Centre


Mr. Keith Wong (Secretary)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Dr. Chung Ting Yiu, Robert

-   The University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme(Co-opted)


Mr. Ng Sze On

-   St. James’ Settlement


Mr. Chan Kin Hung, Charles

-   The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong


Ms. Chau Ngan Ching

Dr. Fung Kwok Kin


Ms. Rachel Wong

Mr. Charles Ho

-   The Salvation Army

-   Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University (Co-opted)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Mr. Choi Shing Kiu, Philip


-   Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Lutheran Church – Hong Kong Synod

In attendance:

Ms. Agnes Yang (Recorder)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service



1.     To receive the agenda

The agenda was adopted without amendment.

2.      To confirm minute of the last meeting

The minute was adopted without amendment.  

3.      Business Update

3.1  Annual Report

Mr. Keith presented the annual report to the members and he highlighted three points of social development index, a seminar on youth participation and development and housing issue. The social development index will be released next year. The data collection was in progress. And Dr. Chung suggested keeping data updated if the government announced the new data. To match the timing of the first anniversary of umbrella movement, the seminar on youth participation was postponed to hold in September. And from past to now, the SD team has been kept working on housing issue.


3.2  Policy Research and Advocacy

Roundtable Seminar on Rent Regulation

This roundtable seminar was held on June 26 and invited various groups to introduce their own rent regulation proposals. Meanwhile, scholars, policy researchers, social workers were invited to join the panel and discuss each proposal in order to explore the direction of rent regulation advocacy. The council was committed to engaging all groups in working together on promoting rent regulation advocacy.


Service Research on Mental Illness

The data collection and analyze were completed. The preliminary result will be released to the public in late November. (Post-meeting note: the press conference need to postpone. The date will be confirmed after the meeting in late Dec.)


3.3   Social Impact Assessment

This year the SIA team will be conducted 4 SIA projects. These projects were commissioned by the parties of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotel, Limited, New World Development Company Limited, Salvation Army and JP Morgan.


3.4  Sector’s Capacity Building

The SD unit has been put more effort on organizing more conferences, workshops and training to boost the sector’s capacity building on research. Mr. Keith Wong encouraged members to recommend their colleagues, who are interested in research, to join the Practitioner-Researcher Group and build a stronger research network. This year the SD team had been completed 2 sector research trainings, internal SIA training and 2 research salons. Members suggested improving workers’ research skill and encouraging their confidence to do the research. The “social service research” e-newsletter was regular published the “research tips” to the readers.


3.5  Overseas Event

The Study Visit to Netherlands on Social Housing will be held on Oct 12 until 16. The vetting panel selected 5 delegates to attend the visit. The objective of this study visit is to learn from their initiatives of housing policy and supportive measures for the development of affordable social housing for the vulnerable groups and enrich the understanding of possible models of social housing and town planning.

4.      Matters for discussion

4.1   Hong Kong Financial Education Landscape Research

Ms. Rachel Wong presented the Hong Kong Financial Education Landscape Research Finding to the members. The financial literacy shows that:

  • HK people have reasonably good knowledge on the basics of saving, good control of living expenses and prudent spending mentality, but most of them lack of understanding the investment and financial concepts.
  • There is an overall lack of conducting financial planning across different demographic groups. Vulnerable groups (lower education and lower income groups) and young adults have the least engagement in financial planning.

After presenting the finding, members expressed their views on it:

  • The social workers are hard to address the vulnerable groups’ financial gap.
  • It need to promote financial education to the retired people, housewives, youth adults and people who want to purchase their own house. They have the need.


4.2  MI Research

The meeting was overrun. Mr. Charles Ho promised to circulate the MI research finding to members to seek their opinions via email.

Any other business

5.1  The term of 2015 – 17 Social Development Specialized Committed Election

Mr. Edmond Wong, Ms. Chau Ngan Ching and Mr. Philip Choi had completed the term of 2013 – 15. Mr. Keith Wong, he was on behalf of the Council and the unit, to express the wholehearted thanks to their contribution. And the new term of 2015 -17 election will be started soon. Mr. Keith Wong encouraged members to recommend their colleagues to enroll for this election. 

6.      Next date of meeting

The Secretariat would consult members’ availability via email before confirming the schedule for the next meeting.  (Post-meeting note: The meeting was subsequently scheduled on Dec 1, 2015)


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m..