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Agenda and Minutes -
The 1 Meeting 14/15

Date: November 21, 2014
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Location: 1208, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


1. Welcoming New Members

2. To receive the agenda

3. To confirm the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)

4. Business Update

4.1 HKU-HKJC ExCEL 3 Project Phase II -- Promotion of Evidence-based Practice and SIA

4.2 Research and Advocacy

4.3 Policy Bulletin

5. Electing new Chair, Vice Chair, Convenor of the Working Group on Housing Policy and the Representative of the Editorial Board of Policy Bulletin

6. Suggestion of Co-opted member

7. Matters for Discussion

- Year-plan 2014-15

8. Any other business

9. Next date of meeting 


The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Policy Research & Advocacy

Specialized Committee on Social Development (2014/2015)


Minute of the FirstMeeting



November 21, 2014 (Friday)


3:00 p.m. – 5:25 p.m.


Room 1208, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


Mr. Wong Chi Hung, Edmond (Chairperson)

-   Caritas - Hong Kong


Mr. Keith Wong (Secretary)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Mr. Choi Shing Kiu, Philip


-   Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Lutheran Church – Hong Kong Synod


Mr. Ng Sze On

-   St. James’ Settlement


Mr. Chan Kin Hung, Charles

-   The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong


Ms. Chau Ngan Ching

-   The Salvation Army


Dr. Chung Ting Yiu, Robert

-   The University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme(Co-opted)


Ms. Wong Wai Mui, Nancy

(Vice Chairperson)

-   Christian Family Service Centre

In attendance:

Mr. Charles Ho

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Ms. Tanni Hsu (Recorder)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


1.      Welcoming New Members

Mr. Keith Wong, on behalf of the Social Development Unit, welcomed newly-elected members, Mr. Charles Chan and Mr. Ng Sze On to join the Specialized Committee on Social Development (SD).


2.      To receive the agenda

Mr. Wong Chi Hung suggested swapping Item nos. 6 and 7 of the agenda for discussion, as it’s more sensible to identify suitable co-opted member after agreeing on the focus of the year plan. All members agreed.


3.      To confirm minute of the last meeting

The minute was adopted without amendment.  

Ms. Chau Ngan Ching would like to know more about the follow-up work of Item no. 4.1 of the minute. Mr. Keith Wong reported that a position paper had been submitted to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) on 30 October after conducting seven committee meetings. During the process of opinion gathering, agency members had shown high level of concern over issues such as resources implication and de facto marriage. The Council made reservation on questions which were not being responded to. Though the consultation period was over, the PRA team will keep contact with EOC, urging for continuous work on public education on equal opportunities.   


4.      Business Update

4.1     HKU-HKJC ExCEL3 Project Phase II – Promotion of Evidence-based Practice (EBP) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

To engage practitioners and researchers from various social service agencies for experience and ideas exchange, a Practitioner-Researcher Network had been formed and the first-ever Evidence-based Practice Research Salon was successfully held on September 23, with around 20 participants. Organizing conference was an annual event to promote EBP, and the fourth one would be held on January 29, 2015, with the theme of “Collaboration”. A keynote speaker from Australia had been invited to give a speech in the Conference, as well as being the trainer of EBP workshop on the day following the Conference.

For SIA projects and trainings, the assessment report for Kiddy Heart Canteen had been submitted and being adopted and there were several reports pending to complete by December. SIA on “Future Stars” was the first project collaborating with the government and it was at the stage of data collection. The training for The Salvation Army had been done and the partnership with Hong Kong Red Cross on building up capacity of service evaluation was still in progress. 


4.2     Research and Advocacy

There were two researches in progress. The first one is a service research on mental illness. It was currently at the stage of sampling and the data collection would be started early next month. The second one is a policy research on a rent regulation. Data collection and literature review would be done by December. In the latter research, helping hands were being sought from university students, which was a new initiative of the SD team to explore external resources.   


4.3     Policy Bulletin

Topic of the 17th issue was “Social Innovation” and it was now available online. The hard copy would be ready by next week. A gathering session would be arranged for discussion later on.


5.      Electing new Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Convenor of the Working Group on Housing Policy and the Representative in the Editorial Board of Policy Bulletin

Mr. Keith Wong explained to members the responsibilities of being the chairperson and the vice-chairperson of committee. For the election of new chairperson, Mr. Edmond Wong nominated Ms. Chau, with Mr. Charles Chan seconded. Ms. Chau then counter-nominated Mr. Edmond Wong for chairperson, with Mr. Philip Choi seconded. Having two candidates, voting was then started, with 1 vote went to Ms. Chau and 4 to Mr. Wong. Mr. Edmond Wong was elected as the chairperson. He would also be the ex-officio member of the Standing Committee of Policy Research and Advocacy.

For the election of new vice-chairperson, there were two candidates as well. Ms. Nancy Wong was nominated by Mr. Philip Choi and was seconded Ms. Chau. Mr. Philip Choi was nominated by Mr. Edmond Wong and was seconded by Mr. Ng Sze On. At last, Ms. Nancy Wong got 3 votes, while Mr. Philip Choi got 2. Ms Wong was elected as the vice-chairperson. As the usual practice, the vice-chairperson would be the committee’s representative in the Editorial Board of Policy Bulletin.

Mr. Edmond Wong, currently the convenor of the Working Group on Housing Policy invited members to consider being convenor of the Group, and Mr. Ng Sze On has agreed to take it up. Mr. Edmond Wong and Mr. Philip Choi agreed to continue joining the working group.


6.      Discussion of Year-plan 2014-15

Mr. Keith Wong gave members an overview on SD unit’s structure, area of work and initiatives planned. Members discussed much on Social Development Index (SDI), and they showed concern on the effectiveness of the current indicators in reflecting the situation of Hong Kong, as well as the follow-up work after the release of findings. It would be the 17th year of forming SDI in coming release of 2016, and Hong Kong had great changes politically, economically and socially in the period. It was agreed that a review on indicators was necessary. However, the review could not be completed in a short period of time, given the complexity of the design, and external resources were needed. The SD team was currently discussing with Mr. Robert Chung on the possibility of partnering with HKUPOP’s Subjective Social Indicators (SSI) for findings release. Concerning the follow-up work of SDI release, SD team would share the findings with four service teams of the Council and interested private sectors. Since SDI 2014 found that family solidarity and housing were deteriorating, the Council had put co-parenting and housing on agenda.    

Apart from SDI, engagement of policy makers and other stakeholders for discussion after the publication of Policy Bulletin was discussed. Ms. Chau suggested direct communication with LegCo members by inviting them to post-publication gathering, instead of solely inviting their assistants. It was agreed that the pool of potential participants could be expanded and SD team would further liaise with Prof. Ray Yep on collaboration with Synergy Net for organizing the gathering.


The discussion outlined the directions of work in year 2015-16. All members agreed on them and would look into more details once the in-depth business plan was being circulated to members via email by SD team later on.


7.      Suggestion of Co-opted member

With Mr. Robert Chung continuing to be this year’s co-opted member, one more member was needed to complete the formation of the committee. Though the year-plan was briefing discussed with major directions and tasks of work identified, it was not yet confirmed, so members agreed to communicate on the suggestion of co-opted member and start the invitation upon the confirmation.


8.      Any other business

8.1  Update of team members

Ms. Tanni Hsu had taken up the work on SIA and EBP and there would be a new teammate, Rachel joining the team in December, mainly working for project on Financial Education.

8.2  EBP Conference

As mentioned, the conference would be held on January29, 2015 at the Council. An invitation email would be sent to members afterwards.

8.3  Umbrella Campaign

Regarding the social movement, the Council had invited agency heads for discussion. An alliance named “Civil Society Joint Action” was being formed, with our Chief Executive, Mr. Chua joining as individual member and the Council as an organization member. In responding to the new age being seen in the campaign, the Council was going to organize a forum on December 3 to discuss the way ahead for youth service. Staff of agency members was welcomed to join.


9.      Next date of meeting

Members agreed to meet again in January and proposed three possible timeslots for the next meeting, included (1) 12/1, 3 p.m.; (2) 16/1, 3 p.m. and (3) 20/1, 3 p.m.. The Secretariat will consult Ms. Nancy Wong and member who would be co-opted for their availability before confirming the schedule for the next meeting.  (Post-meeting note: The meeting was subsequently scheduled on January 16, 2015 at 2:30 p.m.)

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m..


Confirmed by :



Wong Chi Hung

Chairperson of Specialized Committee