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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 14/15

Date: June 29, 2015 (Mon)
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F., DWSS Bldg.


1. Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting held on April 20, 2015 (appendix 1)

2. Matters Arising

- MTR-HKCSS Cross Sectoral Youth Forum (appendix 2)

- Publication on the Study Tour to Seoul

3. Discussion

- HKCSS Convention (appendix 3 and 4)

- Review of the result of the 3 microfilms on family and proposal to continue the effort on regular basis (appendix 5)

4. Progress Report

- Caring Company

- WiseGiving

- Corporate Communication

5. Any other business

6. Date of next meeting


Present  :      

Ms. Yip Yun Wan, Amarantha (Hong Kong Family Welfare Society)

Ms. Chan Kit Ling (Christian Family Service Centre)

Mr. Chan Wing Kin (The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong)

Mr. Shum Wai Chuen (S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church Community Centre)

Ms. Ting Suk Yee, Regina (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council)

Ms. Wong May Kwan, May (Hans Andersen Club)


Apologies :     

Ms. Catherine Sing (Senior Manager - Corporate & Community Affairs, Power Assets Holdings Ltd.)

Ms. Cheung Wing Suet, Wendy (St. James' Settlement)

Ms. Cindy Cheung (Senior Manager - John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd.)

Mr. Lo Wing Ching, Wesley (Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service)

Mr. Peter Lam (Individual)

Ms. Sheila Tang (General Manager - Corporate Communication, NWS Holdings Limited)

Mrs. Helina Yuk (Hong Kong S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre)


In attendance:

Mr. Cliff Choi (Business Director, PEP, HKCSS)

Ms. Christine Kwan (Senior Manager, WiseGiving)

Ms. Wendy Luk (Senior Manager, Caring Company Scheme)  

Mr. Eddie Tsang (Senior Manager, Corporate Communciations)

Ms. Winnie Wong (Officer, WiseGiving) - Recorder

1.          Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on April 20, 2015 were adopted.



2.          MTR – HKCSS Cross Sector Summit : Pathway to Employment

  • Cliff presented the preliminary rundown for the MTR-HKCSS Cross Sector Summit: Pathway to Employment which will be scheduled on 17 September 2015 in Hong Kong at The Excelsior Hotel. The Summit aims to facilitate dialogue across the education, private, public and non-profit sectors, and to support capacity-building in the community by developing a knowledge base on the subject
  • The Honourable Matthew Cheung, Secretary of Labour and Welfare and  Mr Raymond Ch’ien, Chairman, MTR Corporation confirmed to join and will be the keynote speaker of the forum.
  • Members were concerned about the date of the summit as the first few week of the new academic year in Sep is a very busy time for the school, they afraid school principals and teacher may not available to join the summit.
  • It was suggested the forum should provide opportunities for youth group to voice their views. The management said MTR are considering promoting the youth voice by video, MTR is planning to assign M21 of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to shoot the video.
  • Members opined that, in line with the mission of the HKCSS, the conference could focus on youth from grassroots or underprivileged background.


3.          Publication on the Study Tour to Seoul

  • 18 young social workers joined the study tour in Seoul sponsored by Li Ka Shing Foundation. They will have a publication to share their experience and learning from the study tour.
  • Cliff suggested discussing this item in next meeting while the publication is ready.


4.          Proposed Programme: “HKCSS Convention”

  • Management noted that the Council is planning to organize HKCSS Convention in 2016 in anticipation of the Council’s 70th Anniversary in 2017. 
  • Cliff indicated HKCSS Convention is different to Welfare Convention, as HKCSS Convention not only focus on welfare topics but also will cover different areas.
  • Management proposed HKCSS Convention can be combined with Caring Company partnership day as it can draw more audiences to join it.
  • Members suggested HKCSS Convention is a good opportunity to  emphasized the role of NGO, they agreed that NGO have a unique role to engaging different parties like government, public and private sector and can create a great opportunity to unite those parties for action.
  • Management noted that the Chief Executive election would also be held in 2017.  Thus, it might be a good opportunity to advocate policy agenda to candidates of the election. To do so, it would be important for the discussion to take place at a higher level.
  • Management encouraged Members to provide continued input.


5.          Business Update

5.1 Caring Company Scheme

  • The Caring Company Nomination 2015/16 commenced from April 2015 and end at early January 2016.
  • A series of briefings will be held between May and August.
  • The Caring Company Partnership date tentatively schedule in May 2016, it depends on Bernard’s schedule and subject to the venue availability.


5.2 WiseGiving

  • The 2nd Upward Mobility Scholarship of “Future Stars” Project under the Commission on Poverty was completed. Over 1500 students from more than 400 secondary schools were nominated this year. Secondary school network was further strengthened this year.
  • The team is working with Link REIT and Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation to launch another new scholarship schemes.
  • The Team reported that 3 microfilms had been launched and reached over 200,000 views in total. AR Charitable Foundation confirmed to continue to support the existing film director to produce another 3 microfilms on another social topic next year.

5.3 Corporate Communications

  • The team would continue to promote social issues through various channels, such as the HKCSS Channel on Youtube and free media, “Scenario” in electronic and print format, the HKCSS Facebook and the revamped HKCSS website.
  • To responses Political reform, Cambridge Elderly Nursing Home, the compliant on HKCSS salary back payment. To follow HKCSS concerns areas - 15 years of free education, child care service and SE Projects.


6.          Date of next meeting

The next meeting has been scheduled for September 14, 2015 at 4pm.


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.