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Agenda and Minutes -
The 3 Meeting 14/15

Date: 18/3/2015
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu

  1. Endorsement of minutes of last meeting
  2. Matters arising
  3. Progress update of each work unit)
  4. Enhancement on admission criteria of new agency application
  5. Need for NGOs Premises and the role of the Council(App 4)
  6. Up-date on several financial issues (Lotteries Fund, Flag Day and Bank Charges)
  7. A. O. B.
  8. Date of next meeting


Minutes of the 3rd Meeting of the 2014-2015 Term, held on 18 March 2015 at 2:30 pm at Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.




Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian (Chairperson)

Ms CHONG Po Ling, Chris

Mr FONG Cheung Fat

Dr FUNG Cheung Tim

Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy

Mr LAU Kwok Wa, Otto

Mrs LEE Lau Chu Lai, Julie

Ms LO Ka Lok, Annie

Ms WONG Kin Ho, Kathy

Mr YAU How Boa, Stephen



Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie

Mr KWOK Lit Tung

Ms Alice LEE

Ms LEUNG Pui Yiu, Irene

Ms Kris TONG



Dr John FUNG


Ms Belinda HUI

Ms Kim MA

Mr Billy TANG

Ms Hindy KAI (Recorder)


1.     Endorsement of minutes of last meeting

1.1   The minutes of last meeting was endorsed without amendment.


2. Matter Arising

2.1   Updates on issues related to Policy Address

a. Admission of quality talents (social workers)

Having clarified with government that there was no talent list to be drawn up for admission of overseas social workers, and there was no policy paper in regard to talent list in this moment.

b. Minimum Wage

Subject to the increase in Statutory Minimum Wage rate, NGOs urged that subvention should be increased so that NGOs can follow the salary level of specified posts. It was predicted that non-social welfare posts might be affected and led to turnover situation.

c. Extension of retirement age

The government was preparing the internal policy regarding the extension of retirement age of existing civil servants, and it was predicted to be implemented in July. An informal chat with Paul TANG, Secretary for the Civil Service has taken plance. Mr TANG agreed to share with NGOs the experience of the government in implementing the new policy. Members agreed that it was worth following up. A seminar would be scheduled later.

2.2   Proposal of membership fee revision

A paper would be submitted in the ExCo meeting in March.

(post meeting notes: the fee increase was endorsed by ExCo)

3. Progress update of each work unit

3.1 Membership Liaison and Service

- Discussion would be made in other agenda items.

3.2   International and Mainland China Affairs

-  “Long Term Care” was agreed among the ICSW members as the theme of NEA Regional Conference to be held in November 2015.

-  Members were invited to take note of the new law in China concerning Foreign NPOs activities in Mainland China.

-  Three meetings were held in Expert Group on International Work and a progress report would be submitted to ExCo.

3.3   NGO Capacity Building & HKCSS Institute

-  A Fund to support small and non-subvented NGOs to take part in training programs of the HKCSSI was discussed. Members raised several queries regarding eligibility criteria, suggesting that the criteria would need to be clearly defined. HKCSSI would follow up with the concerns.

3.4   Information Technology Resource Centre

-  Octopus has agreed to extend the reader renting service for other fundraising activities beyond the current scope of flag-selling. 100 readers with pre-set donation amount would be available for renting in a short period. Two to three pilot tests would be carried with no administrative charges for participating NGOs before the official launch in June/ July 2015.


4. Enhancement on admission criteria of new agency application

4.1 In existing practice, operational guidelines were adopted in handling membership applications. However, there was a need to enhance the guidelines so that the quality of assessment could be improved.

4.2 It was suggested that the membership applicants would be required to submit two latest annual reports and auditor’s reports instead of one. Agencies not publishing annual and auditor’s report should submit the reports by using the template provided by MLS.

4.3 Members suggested to fine tune point III bullet point 1, by using “註冊核數師或註冊會計師核數報告” so as to better describe the criteria of auditor’s report to be accepted.

4.4 Some members raised their concerns that if the agency’s liabilities were not being included in the template of auditor’s report, then the Council might not be able to assess the liabilities that the agencies facing. After members’ deliberation, it was agreed there such information would not be needed for processing membership applications.

4.5 A paper including members’ opinion would be submitted to ExCo for endorsement.


5. Need for NGOs Premises and the role of the Council 

5.1 The Council had been informed that there were two opportunities offered as NGOs office space: 1) around 10,000 sq. feet ofoffice space in Tsuen Wan owned by the LINK; 2) a funder has shown initial interests in supporting the transformation of space underneath the flyovers to office.

5.2 The Council recognized the premises needs of NGOs, but the role of Council was relatively passive in handling and matching the opportunities with the spatial needs of NGOs at this stage. The Council could explore a more active role in this issue, and in initiating co-location of NGOs offices. The management of the co-location office might require a mechanism and longer term support.

5.3 Members reflected the difficulties in pursuing the space opportunities for especially non-subvented organizations. Policy support from related Government  departments would be a hurdle.

5.4 Due to the selling of LINK properties to new owners, the accommodation and car park spaces of some NGOs’ premises had become a problem. The meeting of Task Force on Welfare Premises was held. It was concluded that the Council should take a more proactive role to liaise with related Government Departments including the Lands Department, Hong Kong Housing Authority and Social Welfare Department to reflect the difficulties encountered.

5.5 Points to be followed up by the Task Force on Welfare Premises:

  1. The membership of the group should be further expanded
  2. The Council’s role in advocating and facilitating the liaison with SWD
  3. The necessity of developing a supply and demand list

Supply List: Information and criteria to the use of different idling premises and spaces

Demand List: The needs of NGOs, including quantities, geographical needs and other concerns

  1. Priorities of Council’s work in this issue
  2. Incubator function of Council

5.6    Members opined that the Council should work on the LINK issue in a wider perspective and it was suggested that the Task Force should include more members.


6. Up-date on several financial issues (Lotteries Fund, Flag Day and Bank Charges)

6.1 Lotteries Fund

-  To address numbers of issues of LF applications, the Council had collected the difficulties, suggestions and concrete cases from the Sector and channeled the views to SWD formally.  Besides, formal and informal meetings with SWD and Architectural Services Department have been held. Having followed up for a longer period, the meetings mainly focused on sharing the difficulties in applications of sizable budgets, but with no progress in improving the approval procedures.

-  For the lengthy procedures of applications covered under Chapter 5, members proposed that further actions could be taken including liaison with Architectural Services Department and enhancing collaboration with existing LF Committee members.

-  On the particular issue related to the updating of furniture & equipment list, members appreciated the work of SWD and the Concern Group and welcomed the changes.

6.2 Flag Day and Bank Charges

While handling the Flag Bag, HSBC only delegated four security companies to handle the cash transfer, in which three companies rejected to provide services to NGOs. This led to higher administrative cost in cash transfer after Flag Day activities. On the other hand, bank charges were no longer exempted starting from January 2015 as well. Membership will further liaise HSBC to arrange a meeting to further explain difficulties on the NGO side.


7. AOB

7.1  SWD’s Visit to NGOs

SWD planned to visit all subvented NGOs and 101 visits had been conducted so far. SWD shared that after consolidating the findings collected from the NGO visits and returns of NGOs on the BPM self-assessment reports, SWD would report to Lump Sum Grant Steering Committee in due course.

7.2 Offsetting severance payment with MPF contribution

Members raised their concerns to the abolition of offsetting severance payment with MPF contribution, as that would increase the difficulties for managing NGOs. The financial contribution would be huge. Members opined that while HKCSS advocate for the rights of employees in the communities, we should also be aware of the constraints in NGOs’ operation and have all factors taken into account, before formulating a final stance.


8. Date of next meeting

8.1   The next meeting would be scheduled on 6 May 2015 (Wed), at 2:30pm