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Agenda and Minutes -
The 6 Meeting 13/14

Date: 2014/09/18
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu


1          Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting (Appendix 1)

2          Matters arising

2.1         Special Scheme on Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses

2.2         Manpower shortage issue

2.3         Providing Bilingual FSAs on the SWD’s Website


3          For discussion

3.1         Public Consultation on Discrimination Law Review

(Mr Keith Wong – Chief officer of PRA of HKCSS)

Consultation Paper: 


3.2         A Study on "Future Development of Retirement Protection in Hong Kong"

(Mr Keith Wong – Chief officer of PRA of HKCSS)

Reference Paper:                                                      (Research Report of HKU)          (Position Paper of HKCSS)


3.3         Follow up of RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme (Appendix 2 & 3)


4          For Information

4.1         Progress report (Appendix 4 – to be followed)


5          Any other business

6          Date of next meeting


18 September 2014 (Thu) at 2:30pm


Minutes of the 6th meeting held on 18 September 2014 at 2:30pm in Room 1410 of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.



Dr Annissa Lui (Vice-chairperson)

Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod


Ms Maggie Chan

Caritas – Hong Kong


Ms Nancy Wong

Christian Family Service Centre


Mrs Queenie Wong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong


Ms Chan Pui Yi

Hong Kong Christian Service             


Ms Chow Mee Tim

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council


Ms Bonnie So

Hong Kong Red Cross


Mr Chan Wing Kin

The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong / Rep of SC (CY)


Mrs Helina Yuk


Hong Kong SKH Lady MacLehose Centre/ Rep of SC (FC)


Mrs Winnie Wong

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf / Rep of SC (Rehab)


Ms Crystal Cheng






Mr Keith Wong (CO, Service Development)



Mr Moses Mui (CO, FC)



Mr Kuo Chun Chuen (CO, Rehab)



Ms Franki Wong (Recorder)






Ms Sania Yau(Chairperson)

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Mr Laurence Ho

Co-opted Member


Dr Lam Ching Choi

Haven of Hope Christian Service / Co-opted Member


Ms Wong Sau Wa

The Church of United Brethren in Christ, Hong Kong Limited - Social Service Division


Dr Ernest Chui

Life Members


Mr Francis Chau

The Association of Evangelical

Free Churches of Hong Kong / Rep of SC (Eld)


Ms Grace Chan (CO, Elderly)



Ms Karen Yiu (CO, CY)



1          Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting

Typos were found in the minutes and the revised minutes were confirmed without any amendment.


2          Matters Arising

2.1         Special Scheme on Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses

An information sharing session was held by LWB and SWD on 28 August 2014. The major common concerns, including (1) “Schedule of Accommodation” (SoA), (2) Financial support for preparation of Technical Feasibility Study, (3) Assistance of decanting, (4) fighting for the Lump Sum mode and (5) the ration of subvented and self-financing service, were well noted. Task Group members appreciated with the positive response from LWB and SWD. Concerned networks would continue the work on the proposal of new SoA for the Special Scheme.


2.2         Manpower shortage issue

A task group was formed to seek for solutions for manpower shortage problem. Two alternatives were raised, which were creating a new post to reduce the need of OT and PT, and optimizing the working conditions for care staff. Subgroups were formed under the Task Group to further explore the feasibility of the ideas. Ms Crystal Cheng would keep on raising the concerns and urgency on the manpower shortage and premise issue in related committee meetings and LegCo.


2.3         Providing Bilingual FSAs on the SWD’s Website

SWD agreed to organize a briefing for concerned NGOs on the captioned issue. NGOs were required to return their feedback on the translation by late November 2014. The Council would help coordinate the discussion platform if NGOs had common concerns on the translation. The Council would issue a memo to alert agency members on this issue. Ms Crystal Cheng highlighted that according to the previous agreement with SWD, 6 items of fee charging would not be handle or activate in this translation exercise.    


3          For Discussion

3.1         Public Consultation on Discrimination Law Review

Public Consultation on Discrimination Law Review was launched in July 2014 while it would end on 7 October2014.  Mr Keith Wong briefed the background and highlighted the key points of the Council’s position paper to the public consultation. Draft position paper was shared for members’ perusal. Members concerned on the part of reverse discrimination since some of the programme were held for specific target segment. Mr Wong clarified that organizations with Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance were exempted from that rule and would make a remark in the paper that consulting NGOs before the implementation would be very important since service adjustment would be needed accordingly.


3.2         A Study on "Future Development of Retirement Protection in Hong Kong"

Prof Nelson Chow of University of Hong Kong released the report of the captioned study. Mr Keith Wong highlighted the key suggestions of the study. The Study recognized the necessity of providing stable income to the elderly and suggested providing $3,000 as the monthly pension for elderly. The demo-grant aimed to provide the elderly with a stable source of income instead of a poverty alleviation measure.


The Council agreed to provide stable income for elderly, and either $3,000 raised in Prof Chow’s study or $3,400 suggested by Alliance for Universal Pension would be affordable.  PRA team would prepare a 2-page policy brief for the service unit by October 2014 and would firstly engage elderly and youth for collecting their views on retirement protection plan. Focus groups would be arranged if needed.


Some economists stated the retirement protection plan would drive Hong Kong to bankruptcy. Mr Wong clarified that the saying was not accurate. According to the calculation, the expense would go beyond the means since 2026 but the population pyramids would be upside down from 2047. The tension caused by aging population would be alleviated.


Members welcomed the demo-grants but reflected that money was not equal to retirement protection since supporting services or policies would be needed to cater different needs of elderly. The Council noted the difference between the pension and retirement protection and agreed to separate the advocacy for basic income for elderly and well-rounded retirement protection scheme in the long run.


3.3         Follow up of RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme

The public consultation of RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme (RDT) was over in January 2014, the findings were finally announced in July and stating that about 54% not supporting the RDT scheme among the 2,700 submission received. Some of them were from organization and professional bodies. However, the result was overridden by the opinion poll which had over 90% public respondents supporting the RDT. Moreover, the opinion poll was conducted after the public consultation. The sector questioned on the methodology and reporting on the result and believed ACAN aimed to weaken the objection voices raised in the public consultation. Members were disappointed by ACAN’s action and agreed to monitor the development of the issue since the 2nd round of the consultation would be conducted in next year.


4          For Information

4.1         Progress report

1st meeting of Elderly Service Programme Plan (ESPP) was held. Besides the Council, other NGO representatives join the working group as well. Focus groups would be held to define the scope of ESPP.


The Certificate Course on Professional Sign Language Interpretation had been approved. The course fee would be around $11,000. Promotion would be started from November 2014. Rehab team would further discuss with LWB to put the course in the Reimbursable Course List of the Continuing Education Fund. Members suggested seeking sponsors to provide subsidy for selected candidates.


5          A.O.B.

5.1         Election for Standing Committee

Ms Crystal Cheng extended gratitude for all members’ participation and effort to the Standing Committee. Ms Cheng wished members of 2012-14 would consider reelecting to the Standing Committee again.


6          Date of next meeting

28 November 2014 at 2:30pm or 3 December 2014 at 2:30pm

        [Post meeting note: The meeting would be held on 5 December 2014 at 2:30pm.]