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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 13/14

Date: 17/07/2014
Time: 10:00am
Location: Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


1. Endorsement of minutes of last meeting (App 1)

2. Matters arising

2.1 Membership Participation Study

(App 2 – Report with recommendations - to follow)

3. Progress Report (App 3)

4. Discussion items 

4.1 Changes to Membership Operation Guideline (App 4)

4.2 Membership Review – handling of outstanding cases  

5. A. O. B. 

6. Date of next meeting:  23 October 2014 (Thursday)


Minutes of the 4th meeting of the 2013-2014 Term, held on 17 July 2014 at 10:00 am at Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.




Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian (Chairperson)

Mr CHAN Kai Ming

Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie

Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy

Ms LEUNG Pui Yiu, Irene

Mrs Julie LEE

Ms WONG Sim Yim, Rebecca

Ms Kathy WONG

Ms Annie LO



Dr FUNG Cheung Tim

Mr LAU Kwok Wa, Otto

Ms Alice LEE

Mr FONG Cheung Fat

Mr Brain WONG

Mr Weymond LAM

Ms CHONG PO Ling, Chris



Dr John FUNG


Ms Hindy KAI

Mr Billy TANG

Ms Lois LAM

Ms Kim MA (recorder)


Confirmation of Minutes of the Last Meeting                                

The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed without amendment.


Matters Arising                                                        

Membership Participation Study

The membership participation study report will be presented in ExCo Meeting on 28 July 2014, the foci group explained the core skeleton. The following comments were discussed and endorsed:

3 Variables:  Categorize the agency members into "Scale of Agency", "Year of Membership" and "Stable Regular Subvention" as it was perceived that these 3 variables and the pattern of participation are co-related.

Non- Agency Member's participation: Refer to request from ExCo, non-agency member's participation data was collected and analyzed.

Number of Staff: The Council does not have such data despite that fact that it would be desirable to have such analysis. It was decided that number of staff will be a baseline item to collect in the social service directory project. 


Meanwhile, a membership feedback survey is being conducted. The result of that survey will be considered alongside with the findings of this Membership. A presentation on the survey will be conducted in the ExCo Meeting in September. An action plan will be embedded in the business plan of 2015/16.


The high level summary in Part 9 highlighted 4 suggestions with examples and elaborations:

Strengthen Understanding of and Response to the Needs of Different Categories of Agency (加強瞭解及回應不同類別機構的需要)

Managing and Supporting Small and Medium-sized Agencies not receiving regular subvention (管理及支援激增中的中小型非恆資機構)

- It was commented that the "Management" side (管理) should be enriched

Strengthening the "Central Hub Function" to Promote Cooperation between Agency Members and Other Sectors (加強「樞紐功能」以促進會員與社會各界合作)

Strengthening Cohesion and Promoting Exchanges among Agency Members (加強、凝聚及促進會員間的交流)

* Ms Irene Leung left the meeting after the above agenda item.

In order to fulfill the above, the Committee expressed that extra manpower resources shall be required. In addition, committee members complimented the successful completion of such an important study as it revealed a new ecology in the sector. It is suggested that we might consider adding this acknowledgement in the first paragraph of Part 9 in the summary.

The revised report will be circulated by email.


Progress Report Update                                                  

Membership Liaison and Service

- Capacity Building for NGOs Governance

An Idea Brief of " Capacity Building for NGO Governance" was presented to the Director of Social Welfare Department(SWD). Positive response was received. The scope of this project will include both subvented and non-subvented NGOs and the main purpose would be promoting exchanges amongst the governance of NGOs, instead of promoting a standardize practice on NGO governance. ExCo will directly assign and lead a committee for this project if it were confirmed. A temporary advisory group is formed to oversea the development of a project proposal.

- Meeting Director and Subvention Team of SWD with 25 non-subvented Agency Memberson 16 July 2014

A meeting between non-subvented members and DSW was conducted just now and there were certain achievements and highlights:

  • SWD considered boundary of subvented welfare services was quite well defined. Non-subvented NGOs are eligible to apply for certain fundings, for examples, Lotteries Fund, Partnership Fund, Rent/Rates/Government Rent Subsidy, etc, are also available for application if the proposal is welfare-related.  
  • Sharing Corner for non-subvented NGOs: DSW promised to facilitate the platform for information sharing with the existing or other mechanism.
  • Funding for Capacity Building: SWD can explore ways to support a common way to support capacity building for non-subvented NGOs via a common proposal.
  • Rent/Rates/Government Rent Subsidy: SWD would be open to review certain rules but insisted that the total fund available for this purpose would be limited. Changing any provision rules might lead to some NGOs receiving less amount of support.
  • Facilitate the Communication between SWD's District Officer and Non-subvented Agency Members: DSW will review the communication between District Officer and non-subvented NGOs. Visits could be organized by HKCSS for members to meet with the 11 SWD District Officers.


International and Mainland China Affairs

- Sharing Session for Member Agencies on Mainland Work on 4 July

The Sharing Session has successfully held and collected positive feedbacks. Participants shared lots of concerns related to establishing new service units in Mainland China, such as government policies, law and finance.

- Participation of Joint World Conference 2014

Besides organizing a delegation to the Joint World Conference, the ICSW General Assembly and ICSW NEA Regional Meeting was attended.


NGO Capacity Building & HKCSS Institute

- NGO Leadership Development Project & CEO Competency Modeling (HKUExcel3)

The University of Hong Kong confirmed funding for CEO Competency Project and Governance Research.


Information Technology Resource Centre

E-Platform for SWDF

7 agencies entered their SWD programme information into the e-platform. The total number of viewing times of uploaded programme are around 400 times. Only half of the 170 subvented NGOs opened the login and password emails sent by the Council on 24 May 2014. ITRC will contact the NGOs which have not opened the emails in order to further promote this e-platform.


Discussion Items                                                       

4.1 Changes to Membership Operation Guideline

A discussion document on the changes was tabled in the Meeting. The Committee had the following discussion and suggestions on the Guidelines Changes:

(4.5) Submission of Annual Report, Audit Report, or Certified annual Income and Expenditure Report(提交機構年報、核數報告、或經核證的周年收支帳目)

  • For 4.5.1, considering the Annual General Meeting of agency members is from September to December, the notice to collect the agency members' annual report, audit report, etc will be shifted from March to October, and the submission deadline will be set on the last date of year, i.e. 31 December. To increase clarity, the Committee suggested that "the previous annual year" should be added before "Annual Report, Audit Report, or Certified annual Income and Expenditure Report" (提交機構年報、核數報告、或經核證的周年收支帳目)
  • Agreed changes of 4.5.2, changing the reminder notice from August to 31 December.

(4.6) Change of Name, Goals, Objectives, Legal Status or Non-profit Nature etc (機構會員更改名稱、目標、宗旨、法定地位或非牟利性質等資料)

  • In response to advice from ExCo, a protocol should be established to identify different changes and develop an operation flow.
  • Cases can be mainly categorized into 3 types.

i.  Change in Name, Goals, Objectives, Legal Status or Non-profit Nature etc

ii. Change of Entity- Shifting the Name, Goals, Objectives, Legal Status or Non-profit Nature etc, from an agency member to another new agency

iii.  Solely name change

  • Agreed changes of 4.6.2 re the required registered documents from agency member and adding 4.6.3 to verify the changing name process completion by checking the Inland Revenue Department's  and / or the Registrar of Companies' website to block any potential loopholes
  • Agreed changes of 4.6.4 re the arrangement of reporting to ExCo.


(4.7) Change of Entity (機構會員轉移實體)

  • For 4.7, it was suggested that "Change of Entity" should be placed under 4.6. In addition, HKSS staff should facilitate the agency members' engagement in this interim period, including the dealing of Joint Insurance Scheme and for ORSO related matters.

(4.8) Name Change of Agency Member's Subsidiary (機構會員更改子公司的名稱)

  • For 4.8, it is suggested either putting this kind of name change of subsidiaries under 4.6 or delete it.
  • For 4.7- 4.9, it should be concise enough to standardize the operation flow. All changes re Name, Goals, Objectives, Legal Status or Non-profit Nature etc, should be included in 4.6.

(6) Application Procedure (申請程序)

  • Agreed changes of 6.3 re the requirement of nominator and seconder to state their past cooperation with the nominated NGO and the reasons of nomination in the nomination form.
  • Agreed changes of 6.10 allowing Chief Officer plus an Officer of Membership Liaison and Service to conduct NGO visit instead of only the Business Director of Sector and Capacity Development.

(7) Suspension and Termination of Membership(暫時中止及終止會籍)

  • Agreed to add 7.2.4 re the arrangement of written notice to the related agency member after ExCo has decided to suspend or terminate its membership. It was discussed that during the suspension period, all rights should be suspended. Therefore, 7.2.5 was suggested to be taken out. .

(8) Verification of Membership Status (核實機構會員會籍狀況)

  • Agreed changes of 8.2 & 8.3 re the verification of membership status.

An informal advisory group for membership affairs could be formed in this Committee, and be consulted by staff when necessary.

Membership Liaison and Service will further consolidate the suggestions and amend the Operation Guideline. The revised version will be submitted to ExCo.

4.2 Membership Review- handling of outstanding cases

The Membership Liaison and Service reported the handling of outstanding cases:

  • 85 agency members have not submitted their reports or paid the membership fees within the mutually agreed time frame. Registered mails were sent to 14 agency members. Some positive feedbacks have been received and handled. In the coming Executive Committee Meeting, less than 6 cases of disconnected agency members and some non-complying cases will be reported.

The Committee gave the below suggestions:

  • Visit to hard-to-reach agency members is unnecessary as the Council already paid quite some effort in making contact. Instead, Registered mail, SmartPost and CourierPoast were recommended.
  • It was suggested that staff's view and more information should be reported to ExCo for consideration.



The HKSAR's Consultation on Standard Working Hours

The team of Policy Research and Advocacy drafted an position paper in response to the consultation. The draft will be submitted to ExCo for discussion in the next meeting. The Committee agreed that the sector should in general support the stance presented in the paper but at the same time be cautious of the implications to the operation of social services, in terms of additional challenges and stress created at the frontline service management. Such a view should be channeled to ExCo.


Date of Next Meeting                                                          

23 October 2014 (Thursday)