The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 3 Meeting 13/14

Date: 14/05/2014
Time: 2:15 pm
Location: Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


1. Welcome the co-opted members

2. Confirmation of the Agenda

3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last meeting (App 1)

4. Matters Arising 

  4.1        Medical Insurance Scheme

  4.2        Job Recruitment Platform

  4.3        Management Consultancy Task Force

5. Reporting Items

  5.1        Confirmed Business Plan and Major Highlights (App 2)

  5.2        Business Report and highlights (App 3)

     5.2.1   Membership Review Task Force

     5.2.2   Best Practice manual and LSG related Issues

     5.2.3   Sector’s concerns on bank charges

     5.2.4   DSW meeting with Non-subvented NGO

     5.2.5   SWD ICT Strategy Review

     5.2.6   Lotteries Fund enhancement measures on removal of the 30k cap of the pre-work AP

     5.2.7   HKCSS and HKU ExCEL3 project collaboration on NGO leader’s competencies study

6.  Discussion Items

  6.1 Formation of Lotteries Fund Concern Group (App 4)

  6.2  Members’ participation in other Networks and Concern Groups (App 5) 

  6.3   The Community Chest’s New Monitoring System (App 6)

7.  Any Other Business

8.  Date of Next Meeting: July 10, 2012 (Tuesday) at 3pm.


*Since there would be a long meeting and it is proposed to start the meeting at 2:30pm.


Minutes of the 3th Meeting of the 2013-2014 Term, held on 14 May 2014 at 2:15 pm at Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.




Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian (Chairperson)

Mr CHAN Kai Ming

Ms AU Kit Ying

Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie

Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy

Ms LEUNG Pui Yiu, Irene

Mr Brian WONG

Mr Weymond LAM

Ms. Rebecca WONG

Ms Alice LEE

Mr LAU Kwok Wa, Otto

Ms Chris CHONG



Dr FUNG Cheung Tim

Mr FONG Cheung Fat

Mrs Julie LEE



Dr John FUNG


Ms Belinda HUI

Mr Billy TANG

Ms Lois LAM

Ms Mandy NG (Recorder)

Mr Chan Kam Cheung (Researcher of Task Force on Membership Participation Study)

Ms. Kris Tong (Member of Task Force on Membership Participation Study)


Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed without amendment.


Matters Arising

Follow up on retreat day

In accordance with the top 5 foci identified from retreat day, areas of enhancement were presented by Council staffs for Committees’ discussion.

Members agreed the top 5 foci could be treated as long-term year plan of SCD, and the Committee had the following suggestions/opinions:

Study Membership Profile – identify similarities and differences

  • Provide a fact sheet of membership profile to the Committee regularly to ensure they have a good grasp of updated information.

Set up mass customization platform and diversified services

  • Enhance the existing channels in collecting the comments of non-mainstream service organizations
  • Arrange buddy program to better engage with new members.

Strengthen feedback loops especial for non-mainstream service Agencies

  • Adopt the concept of account manager to provide specific services to small Agencies.
  • Provide effective channels to collect members’ feedback.
  • Marching expertise groups with members. e.g HR, IT, insurance

Re-examine membership strategy /system

  • Orientation sessions to NGOs’ board members for better engagement.
  • Strengthen the nomination process for new members to join HKCSS.
  • Continuously review the scope of ‘social service’ in order to cultivate shared vision and identity among members.


Progress Report Update

Luncheon on NGO Governance Excellence

Dr John Fung reported that the Luncheon received positive feedbacks, and would consider increasing the platforms to enhance organization’s capacity building.


Discussion items

4.1 Membership Participation Study

Key observations indentified from Agencies’ participation data and focus group discussions were presented by Council staff and researcher Mr Paul Chan. Based on the 3 core issues indentified out of the key observations, the Committees had the following opinions: 

  • The Committee iterated that the study is not trying to set a standard for participation pattern. NGOs would participate in HKCSS’s activities according to their own needs and on their own accord. But it is important to identify if there is any hurdles for members to participate.
  • While expectations on the Council were observed, both groups of members and non-members seemed to be quite satisfied with the existing services provided by the Council. Council should continue to manage the expectations of both members and non-members.
  • While there is no hard and fast rules to define what ‘mainstream social services’ entails, Council needs to address the need for members that are not providing the more conventional types of social services. For those members to be engaged effectively, the working mode of the Council might need to be fine-tuned.
  • The Council should play a strong role to ensure the healthy growth of the civil society in HK. Some key strategies to help build the solidarity of NGOs would be to enhance; to engage; and to empower.

 * Mr Chan Kam Cheung and Ms. Kris Tong left the meeting after the above agenda item.


4.2 Extension of the retirement age to 65

  • Focus groups are suggested to be held in order to understand the concern and actual situation of NGOs. Appropriate representatives from the Government could be invited to speak on the topic.


4.3 Membership Review 2014

A discussion document on “Membership Review2014”was tabled at the Meeting. The Study was conducted to ensure that all Members fulfill the membership criteria and obligations stipulated in the Constitution of the Council. 

Review exercises and phone calls follow-up have been completed. The Committees had the following suggestions to handle those non-complying members: 

  • Apart from the standard procedures, registered mails should be sent to those unreachable members so that the key message from the Council is officially communicated.
  • A visit should be arranged if necessary to understand the reason behind members’ non-compliance.
  • All members are required to fulfill the membership obligations. No exemption should  be granted to members within this Standing Committee.
  • Requests to withdraw HKCSS’s membership should be listed on the report for ExCo.
  • The operation guideline should specify the procedures in handling those non-complying members. Prohibition to certain members’ service and benefits should be specified.



  • The Committee agreed the salary adjustment of Lump Sum Grant should include Program Assistant (PA) and Clerical Assistant (CA).
  • Members expressed gratitude to Ms Au Kit Ying who would resign from the middle of 2013-2015 terms. Following the past replacement mechanism, Ms Lo Ka Lok, Annie form Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, who obtained the highest-vote in the election for SCD Committee in 2013, amongst all the unsuccessful candidates, will be co-opted into the Committee. Members agreed to invite Annie to be a co-opted member of the Committee to serve the remaining term of 2013-2015.


Date of Next Meeting

4th Meeting: 17 July 2014 (Thursday) at 10:00am

5th Meeting: 23 October 2014 (Thursday) at 3:00pm