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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 2013/14

Date: 26 May 2014 (Monday)
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Room 201, 2/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg




1. Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting

2. Matters Arising

3. Matters for Information and Approval

(These items may not require discussion.  Members are at liberty to raise any questions, otherwise, the Chairperson will present this items for approval)

3.1 To note the Chief Executive's Progress Report

3.2 To note the Position of Funds

3.3 To note and approve Application of Agency Membership

3.3.1 Bo Charity Foundation Limited小寶慈善基金有限公司

3.3.2 Hong Kong Chinese Church of Christ (Chung Chun) Limited香港華人基督會頌真堂有限公司

3.4 To note and approve Change of Agency Name

3.4.1 Pentecostal Holiness Church Hong Kong Conference Gilead Social Service Centre 五旬節聖潔會香港區會基列社會服務中心

3.5 To note and approve the Set Up of Steering Committee for HK Sustainability Development Hub

3.6 To note the Progress Report of the HKCSS Development Fund

3.7 To note the Annual Election Procedures and Schedule for 2014 AGM

4. Matters for Discussion and Action                                                   

4.1 Enhancement Plan of HKCSS Provident Fund

4.2 2014 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting List

4.3 Membership Review 2014                                    

5. Any Other Business

6. Date of Next Meeting – 28 July 2014



The Hon. Bernard Chan (Chairperson)

Mr. Kennedy Liu

Mr. K M Chan                              

Ms. Chan Kit Ling

Ms. Maggie Chan                          

Mr. Chan Wing Kai

Mr. Francis Chau                          

Mr. Cheung Kin Fai

Mr. Fong Cheung Fat                    

Mr. Allen Fung

Ms. Amy Fung                               

Miss Kimmy Ho

Mrs. Cecilia Kwan                         

Mr. Larry Kwok

Dr. C K Law                                   

Ms. Elizabeth Law

Dr. Annissa Lui                               

Dr. C C Luk

Mr. Ng Shui Lai                              

Mr. Suen Lai Sang

Mr. Tik Chi Yuen                            

Ms. Sania Yau

Mr. Stephen Yau                            

Ms. Noel Yeung


In-Attendance :

Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Chief Executive                                                       

Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development)            

Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy)

Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development)

Mr. Cliff Choi, Business Director (Public Engagement and Partnership)

Ms. Cynthia Lee, Director (Finance & Building Management)



The Hon. Cheung Kwok Che

Ms. Lilian Law        

Mr. Michael Lee

Ms. Irene Leung     

Dr. Lo Chi Kin

Mr. Joseph Man     



(The Chairperson would be late for the Meeting, Dr. C K Law, Hon. Treasurer, took chair on his behalf.)




1. Ms. Chan Kit Ling was welcomed as new ExCo Member joining the Meeting on behalf of Standing Committee on Public Engagement and Partnership.



2. Minutes of the last meeting dated 31 March 2014 were confirmed with no amendment.



To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

Supplementing the written report provided, Mr. Chua Hoi Wai highlighted the work progress of:


3. Social Enterprise Impact Hub at URA Premise,204 Prince Edward Road West– Mr. Chua reported that after the agreement was signed by SEBC with URA, invitations had been sent to agency members and social enterprises to be operators of the 4-storey building. 14 applications in total were received and 4 would be selected by a panel which vetted the applications in 2 rounds of meetings. A focus group meeting with important stakeholders in the community had also been organized to collect their views on community needs.


4. Redevelopment Plan of Duke of Windsor Social Service Building (DWSSB) – Further to the last update, Mr. Chua reported that a special Task Group (the Group) was formed and members included Mr. Bernard Chan, Mr. Kennedy Liu, Dr. CK Law, Mr. KM Chan and Ms. Amy Fung. Mr. Chua reported that the Group would meet and make recommendations to ExCo in relation to the progress of the redevelopment plan, and the first meeting of the Group would be held on 26 May, immediately after ExCo Meeting.


5. Family Summit on 15 May 2014 – Mr. Chua reported that over 400 participants had attended the Summit co-organized with Family Council, Social Welfare Department and CIFA. To promote application of family impact assessment (FIA) for policy formulation, the Council had commissioned Dr. Lau Yuk King of CUHK to conduct the FIA study and its findings and recommendations had been released in a press briefing to arouse public concern and facilitate further engagement with policy makers on FIA and related family issues.


6. Membership Participation Study – Mr. Chua reported that under the Study, focus groups targeted at different clusters of Agency Members had been conducted to understand their views and expectations towards Council. In addition, the Membership Feedback Survey would be implemented in July which subsequently a report containing findings and recommendations in addressing agency members’ concerns would be compiled and deliberated at the Standing Committee on Sector and Capacity Development. The final report would then be submitted to ExCo for discussion and endorsement in September 2014.


7. Governance Luncheon on 4 April 2014 – Mr. Chua reported that participants joining the luncheon were positive for the Council to facilitate as a joint sharing-platform for NGOs’ board members who were facing with higher requirements for good corporate governance in managing NGOs in terms of responsibilities and liabilities. And this had also been acknowledged by SWD being one of the core concerns in implementing the best practice manual. Going forward, a working group would be formed to follow up on upcoming action plans and Members would be kept abreast of future developments.


(The Chairperson arrived and took chair of the Meeting at this point).


To note Position of Fund

8. Members noted the Report of Position of Fund was within budget and enquiries raised by Members had been responded by Dr. C K Law, Hon. Treasurer. It was noted that further details could be provided once the audited financial report of the Council was completed in due course. Responding to an enquiry about SEBC, Mr. Chua reported that, with the support from the Hongkong Bank Foundation and the Social Welfare Department’s Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, the Centre has been pursuing the objective in helping social enterprises to seek business opportunities, as well as to extend social concerns and impact. Like the Good Goods SE concept store at the ground floor of the Council, it was aiming to attract more partners from all sectors of the community to support the development of SEs in Hong Kong.


To note and approve Application of Agency Membership

9. Members noted and approved the membership application of:

  • Bo Charity Foundation Limited小寶慈善基金有限公司
  • Hong Kong Chinese Church of Christ (Chung Chun) Limited香港華人基督會頌真堂有限公司

2 Members had declared interests in the Meeting related to the application of Bo Charity Foundation Limited. 


To note and approve Change of Agency Name

10. Members noted and commented that instead of a change of agency name, the ‘Pentecostal Holiness Church Hong Kong Conference Gilead Social Service Centre 五旬節聖潔會香港區會基列社會服務中心’ should be considered as becoming a new legal entity. As such, the management was requested to re-assess the validity of this agency’s membership in accordance with the eligibility criteria of the Council and whether other feasible options or procedures would be available in addressing the issue. Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development) would follow up and report to Members of the progress at the next ExCo Meeting.


To note and approve the Set Up of Steering Committee for HK Sustainability Development Hub (HKSD Hub)

11. Mr. Cliff Choi, Business Director (Public Engagement and Partnership), presented to Members the proposal in setting up a Steering Committee for HKSD Hub. Details including the background, proposed terms of reference and membership were explained. Members approved the proposal and commented on the terms of service of members in the Steering Committee, such as the suggestion for a service period of 1 year for half of the membership and 2 years for the other half and to set the number of terms to be served by members, etc. Mr. Choi noted the comments and would also prepare for a more detailed business plan to support for the proposal. The Chairperson further remarked that the issue of sustainable development would be a priority concern upcoming impacting not only the welfare sector, but also the business sector. Mr. Chua thanked Members for the comments and would keep Members updated of future progress.


To note the Progress Report of the HKCSS Development Fund (the Fund)

12. Mr. Chua referred Members to note the progress report from January to May 2014 and highlighted that 2 new projects and an existing project were approved by the Fund. Members were also asked to note the movement of asset value of the Fund as at 30 April 2014.


To note the Annual Election Procedures and Schedule for 2014 AGM

13. Mr. Chua reported that the Council’s 2014 AGM was tentatively scheduled for either 6th or 13th of November, subject to the availability of the guest of honour, Prof. Joseph Sung who had been invited. While waiting for the acceptance of Prof. Sung, the arrangements of the Annual Election 2014 would proceed. Members were invited to note and endorse the appointment of the Election Committee and election arrangements for the new governance for 2014-16. Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development), also thanked Mr. Kennedy Liu and Mr. Larry Kwok for agreeing to serve on the Election Committee overseeing the overall operation of the election. Members noted and endorsed the appointment of the Election Committee and election arrangements according to the recommended schedule.



14. Enhancement Plan of HKCSS Provident Fund

Mr. Chua Hoi Wai presented to Members the proposed enhancements of provident fund (PF) for existing staff on MPF scheme. Mr. Chua explained the background, objectives, proposed enhancements and financial implications and invited Members to consider and endorse the proposed plan. Members shared concerns which mainly on the Council’s financial sustainability and affordability of the proposed enhancement plan, and whether it would create staff’s expectation and disappointment if the enhancements could not be afforded eventually. There were also Members sharing positive feedback from staff having enjoyed similar enhancements and advised that communication with staff would be crucial to facilitate implementation as well as to avoid creating misunderstanding. In response to Members’ enquiries, Mr. Chua highlighted that the plan was intended to improve staff benefits and boosting morale at work. All staff had been informed of the plan in a consultation session and expressed no objection. Mr. Chua highlighted that the current commitment was for 3 years with a rolling extension after annual review in order to avoid any abrupt decision to terminate the plan, therefore even if PF reserve was estimated to be exhausted, the Council could consider a lower contribution rate. Dr. CK Law, Hon. Treasures also confirmed the calculation and with the assumption based on no staff turnover, the plan could be implemented for at least 8-9 years. With no further comments from Members, the Chairperson announced the plan had been considered and endorsed. Mr. Chua thanked Members for comments and would carefully work on details taking into consideration of Members’ views.


15. 2014 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting

Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development) reported that the annual welfare agenda and priorities setting exercise would be held on 5 June. The Hon. Matthew Cheung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau was invited as the guest of honour giving a keynote speech, titled ‘Hong Kong's Changing Social Welfare Landscape - Challenges and Opportunities’ to over 300 representatives from NGOs. Ms. Cheng further highlighted that invitation had been extended to members of various advisory committees this year, including    SWAC, RAC, Family Council, Youth Commission, Elderly Commission and Women Commission. It was noted that views collected at the annual meeting would be incorporated into the list of priorities to SWD and follow-up meeting would then be arranged. Members noted with no further enquiry raised.


16. Membership Review 2014

Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development), referred Members to the paper on membership review 2014, reporting on the background, work progress, issues of concern and follow-up actions. Dr. Fung highlighted that in accordance with the Council’s Constitution, all Agency Members were required to pay in full membership fees, submit copies of annual reports and audited accounts, and Agency Members who failed to comply would be subject to suspension and termination of Membership at the discretion of the ExCo. In the recent membership review, some non-compliant cases were initially reported to the Standing Committee on Sector and Capacity Development to recommend for follow-up actions which had been taken and the work progress was reported in the discussion paper. Dr. Fung further remarked that at the advice of the Standing Committee, the Council would act prudent and to taking various measures in facilitating Agency Members should they need assistance. It was noted that the next-stage recommended actions for non-compliant cases would be submitted for Members’ consideration. 



17. Progress Update of the Complaint Case of a Staff of HKCSS - After adjourning the regular ExCo business meeting, Mr. Bernard Chan, Chairperson, updated Members on the progress of the complaint case and other developments in confidential session. 



18. The next meeting was scheduled to be held on 28 July 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201 of Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.