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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 13/14

Date: 2014/02/19
Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu



1. Welcome newly opted members

2. Endorsement of minutes of last meeting (App1 - To be followed)

3. Matters arising

4. Discussion items

    4.1    Working Group on Agency Finance

    4.2    Business Plan (App 2)

5. A. O. B.

6. Date of next meeting :  21 May 2014 (Wednesday)




Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian (Chairperson)

Ms AU Kit Ying

Mr CHAN Kai Ming

Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie

Mr FONG Cheung Fat

Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy

Mrs Julie LEE

Mr LAU Kwok Wa, Otto

Ms LEUNG Pui Yiu, Irene

Mr Brian WONG

Ms Rebecca WONG

Mr Weymond LAM



Ms Alice LEE

Dr FUNG Cheung Tim



Dr John FUNG


Ms Belinda HUI

Mr Billy TANG

Ms Lois LAM

Ms Mandy NG (Recorder)


1.     Welcoming Co-opted Members

Members welcomed all newly Co-opted members to the meeting.

2.     Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed with two amendments on (6) of page 3:

2.1 The representative of Lotteries Fund Concern Group should be Dr Tim Fung, Mr FONG Cheung Fat and Ms Alice Lee.

2.2 The representative of Steering Committee on HKCSS Institute should be Mr Andy Ho only.

 3.     Matters Arising

Expansion of the role of Steering Committee on HKCSS institute

The Committee noted the change of the role of Steering Committee on HKCSS institute, and agreed that the existing reporting mechanism between Standing Committee and Steering Committees should be enhanced to ensure sufficient communication.

4.     Discussion items

4.1  Working Group on Agency Finance

The Committee agreed that the Specialized Committee on Agency Finance should have the responsibility to handle the financial issues of both subvented and non-subvented Agency Members.

Interim Sub-Committee on Agency Finance should be established to assist the formulation of Specialized Committee on Agency Finance and deliberate on important financial issues during interim period, while the burning issues such as Lump Sum Grant and Lotteries Fund would be discussed in the existing Core Groups accordingly.

 4.2 Business Plan 2014-2015 highlights

4.2.1 International and Mainland China Affairs

- Regional Conference on Cross-border Families in East Asia

- Production of North Eastern Asia Regional Newsletter

- Preparing for participation of 2014 Joint World Conference in Melborne, Australia 

- Provision of consultancy services and overseas events for mainland partners, especially for those in Guangdong

 4.2.2 Membership and Liaison Service

- Survey on Agency Participation and Opinion Feedback

1. Membership Participation Survey

2. Membership Feedback Survey

3. Updating Exercise on Agency Information and Publication of Social Service Directory 2014

- Agency Finance

- Facilitating Support for Different Kinds of NGOs

- Partnering with professional parties (e.g The Law society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to provide support services to NGOs

 4.2.3 ITRC

-  Sharing Platform for NGO (IT project and non-IT project)

-  SWDF Phase II project

-  Electronic currency platform (e.g EPS system, Electronic bill payment platform)

-  Software donation program for China

-  Enhance the connectivity of People with Disabilities

 4.2.4 HKCSS Institute

- Programme Quality Assurance and Sustainability System

- Salary Survey

- CEO Training

- In-house Consultancy and training projects (SWDF Phase II and independent funding)

- Learning Recognition Scheme

- Governance Forum

 4.3 The definition of Sector Development and Capacity Building

A retreat session would be organized aiming at aligning our understanding on goals and directions for Sector and Capacity Development. (Post-meeting notes: a retreat has been organized with fruitful exchange on 15 April 2014)

 5.     Any Other Business

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm.

 6.     Date of Next Meeting

Next Meeting: 14 May 2014 (Wednesday) at 3:00pm

Retreat session: 15 April 2014 (Tuesday) at 2:30pm