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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 12/13

Date: 2013/10/21
Time: 2:30PM
Location: Room 103, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building,

  1. Welcome the Co-opted Members
  2. Confirmation of the Agenda
  3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Business Report
  6. Evaluation on the function of Standing Committee on SCD
  7. Formulation of Specialized Committee on Agency Finance
  8. Any Other Business
  9. Date of Next Meeting



Mr CHAN Kai Ming (Chairperson)

Ms AU Kit Ying

Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian

Mr LAU Kwok Wa, Otto

Ms Alice LEE

Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy

Mr FONG Cheung Fat

Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie

Dr FUNG Cheung Tim

Mrs Julie LEE

Mr Brian WONG

Ms. Rebecca WONG

Ms TONG Sung Man, Kris


Dr John FUNG


Ms Lois LAM

Mr Billy TANG

Ms Shirley KIANG (Recorder)


Ms LEUNG Pui Yiu, Irene

Mr Weymond LAM


1. Welcome the Co-opted Members

The Committee welcomed Ms. Rebecca WONG, who has been co-opted to complete the term left by Ms. YEOH Chak Sum due to her resignation. Ms Rebecca WONG’s term will expire at the end of 2014 calendar year. The Chairperson, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Ms YEOH for her service.

2. Confirmation of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted by the Committee.

3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed with one amendment that 6.2 should be “formation” instead of “formulation”, and 16 CEOs instead of 18 CEOs on page 4.

4. Matters Arising

4.1 Social Economy

John Fung updated that as there was no HK government involvement in the meantime, HKCSS’s role in participating in the Social Economy Global Forum held in Korea will only be limited to promoting the concept locally.

4.2 International Affairs Task Group

John Fung reported that further to the discussion conducted by a small group formed in this committee, led by Chairperson KM Chan, the ExCo has endorsed the formation of a task group to study the scope of international affairs strategy and to study suitable governance structure to oversee implementation of the strategy. The task group is to provide a recommendation to the ExCo in 6 months.

5. Business Report

Business Report on Sector and Capacity Development had been circulated to members. Each unit delivered a brief report on business updates with the following highlights:

5.1 Membership Liaison and Services (MLS)

- Endorsement will be sought for the positioning on Lump Sum Grant and Best Practice Manual (2nd version) at the Agency Heads Meeting to be held on 30 October 2013 and then be forwarded to SWD. The discussion also covered the impact of non-subvented service.

- The request for 15% raise on Lump Sum Grant subvention level had been submitted to SWD officially. The sector needed to prepare for response should the increase level turn out to be less than the requested amount. We should also understand the reasonable expectation from the field regarding how management should use the increased sum to enhance employment conditions of front line staff.

- HAB funding had not been adjusted according to inflation for the past 7 to 8 years. Dialogues had begun between HKCSS and HAB. HAB replied that the children and youth service subsidy might be adjusted in FY1415.

- A seminar will be conducted in December with ArchSD and SWD regarding the use of Lotteries Fund, application workflow and calculation. Suggestions on other enhancement such as the schedule of accommodation and equipment list have also been submitted for the Department’s consideration.

- Members’ participation task group has met to formulate the direction of the study. Basic statistical information on participation is being collected. Focus groups to provide qualitative data will be conducted in February.

5.2 NGO Capacity Building & HKCSS Institute (HKCSSI)

- Working group on salary survey was formed and now being co-chaired by Dr. Tim Fung and Mr. Benny Chan. Research consultant has been selected. The number of participating NGOs is 96, 2% higher than that of last year

- The completed model of the NGO Leadership Development Project and CEO Competency would be released by the end of Nov. The finalized version would be circulated to Members.

- Re the Organisational Health Index project (OHI), Consultancy Task Force received limited positive feedback from NGOs for the development of a self-administered health-check. The Task Force suggested doing a questionnaire research with those participated in the OHI seminar last year to collect views on the project idea. Members advised that the scope and deliverables of the project should be well defined, for both NGOs and donors.

- Consultancy Task Force had also followed up with the capacity building idea on succession planning, 3 case sharing with 3 retirees were in progress using HKU-EXCEL3 funding.  

- It was reported that HKCSS engaged in 2 projects with HKU-EXCEL3, one on social impact assessment and the other on CEO competency, which was related to capacity building. Members raised that seminar promotion were received from HKU-EXCEL3 frequently, but the relevance of most of the seminars to the sector was not high. They asked if this concern could be brought to HKU.

- The task force had completed its 2-year of terms  of service and it was expected that another task force would be set up in next term if it deemed necessary.

5.3 International and China Affairs (ICA)

- HKCSS met with Zhang Xiao Ming, Director of the LOCPG on 15 August, and followed up with the new office to be set up in Shenzhen. It is expected that there would be more communication and dialogue between the two parties.

- The purchasing service study visit from BJ has been confirmed to 3-5 December. The program has been accepted by the Mainland representative.

- The 2014 Joint World Conference would be held in July in Australia and this would be the prime event of the year.

- A conference would be held on 25-26 November for family service sharing on experience and policy setting, in Chinese communities. Visit to Shenzhen will be conducted as part of the program.

- ICA has launched a new fee-paying service to co-ordinate overseas event for NGOs.  But it will maintain a free service to member agencies in providing relevant contact points for specific service areas in other countries, based on our knowledge and previous experience as far as possible.

5.4 ITRC

- An electronic platform would be launched by ITRC for sharing SWDF information. While SWD would provide such information with NGOs’ consent, negotiation with SWD was still in progress re the scope of usage and whether the project should cover non-subvented NGOs.

- Office 365 started its free offering to NGOs since 11 September this year and the application has been open. The Office 365 includes Exchange, Sharepoint and instant messenger. MS would further donate a number of operating system to NGOs for their preparation to use Office 365, which is only applicable in Windows 7 or 8. Although MS had not been providing good support, NGOs were still advised to apply first so as to take advantage.

6. Evaluation on the function of Standing Committee on SCD

- The Committee reviewed its role and work in the past two years and members have the following observations / opinions:

a) Though this Standing Committee looks after ‘house-keeping’ stuff mostly, the engagement process for members has been satisfactory;

b) There is a function of this standing committee to link up the various tasks groups and steering groups concerned. These linkages should continue to be an important linkage especially for task groups seeking for mandate in representation;

c) There is a need for the Council to build up its knowledge base, and power base, through various means of consolidation of experience. This Committee is an example of such a process and the last two years of work seemed to be quite satisfactory in that aspect;

d) The Council needs to communicate with its members on various matters, and membership service has been an effective angle to engage members because membership service is less abstract, more concrete for most members to comprehend. Therefore it is natural for this committee to spend more time in membership related discussion in the past. The Council should also invest more resources in providing membership service because each issue could become a network;

e) We should continue to have representative from this Committee to participate in task groups related to the Sector and Capacity Development function of the Council. It might  also be useful for guidelines to be developed so that task groups that are not election based would understand and fit in better with the Committee structure of HKCSS in terms of mandate issue;

f) Since this committee covers such a wide spectrum of issues, we have to be highly selective in picking things for discussion, so as to maximize utility of our time in the Committee meetings;

g) One angle for effective theme selection is to look at substantive things that members concern most. It seems that Finance and Administration are most suitable;

That the needs of non-subvented NGOs should be a very important focus of work in this Committee.

7. Formulation of Specialized Committee on Agency Finance

- The Committee agreed that there is a need to work towards financial issues in the sector; and that it would be a good means for members engagement;

- The Committee agreed that in the long run, it would be desirable to establish a specialized Committee but the detailed TOR work need further work, based on the proposal tabled;

- In the meantime, i.e. before the TOR could go to ExCo for endorsement, this Committee would serve as a representative platform to keep track and identify existing and emerging financial issues faced by NGOs, for both subvented and non-subvented organization;

- Whether we should appoint a working group on it would be left to the Committee in the next term to decide.

8. Any Other Business

The Chairman expressed gratitude to Mr. Chan Kai Ming, Ms. Kris Tong, Mrs. Julie Lee, Mr. Andy Ho, Mr. Lau Kwok Wa Otto, Ms. Au Kit Ying and Ms. Irene Leung, who would retire from the current term.

9.Date of Next Meeting

20 November 2013 (Wednesday) at 2:30pm