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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 12/13

Date: 2013/3/5
Time: 9:00am
Location: Room 103, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building

  1. Confirmation of the Agenda
  2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Business Report
  5. Membership Operation Guideline
  6. NGO Governance capacity Building Initiative
  7. Enhance Supportive Services to NGOs
  8. Working Group on Membership Participation
  9. Any Other Business
  10. Date of Next Meeting


Members Mr CHAN Kai Ming (Chairperson)
Ms AU Kit Ying 
Mr HO Wing Cheong, Andy
Mr LAU Kwok Wa
Ms LAW Suk Kwan, Lilian
Mrs Julie LEE
Ms Irene LEUNG
Ms YEOH Chak Sum
In-attendance Dr John FUNG
Ms Belinda HUI
Ms Lois LAM
Mr Billy TANG
Mr CHEUNG Siu Cheung (Recorder)
Apology: Mr CHU Wing Hong, Johnnie
Dr FUNG Cheung Tim
Mr. LAI Kam Tong
Ms Alice Lee
Ms. Kris TONG

1. Confirmation of the Agenda 
The agenda was adopted by members. 

2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting 
The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed without amendment.

3. Matters Arising
Nomination of Co-opted Members for the category of Non-Subvented NGOs, Expert in Agency Finance and Professional in Management Field was listed in appendix 2. John Fung highlighted that in consideration of the rising concern of the issues of agency finance of the sector, it was recommended that an expert from agency finance rather than an academic be co-opted. Chairperson reported that Mr. K.T. Lai had resigned from the Standing Committee on SCD due to his busy schedule. After deliberation, members agreed to co-opt the following members:
Non-Subvented NGOs
1 Mrs CHEUNG-ANG Siew-mei or senior staff of Christian Action Executive Director of Christian Action
2 Ms Kathy WONG Executive Director of Playright Children’s Play Association
3 Ms Carmen NG Executive Director of Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association
4 Mr Jonathan LIU Executive Director of HOPE Worldwide Limited
Expert in Agency Finance
Mr FONG Cheung Fat Executive Director of SAHK
Professional in Management Field
1 Mr Weymond LAM
2 Mr Francis MOK President of HKIHRM

4. Business Report 
4.1 Business Report on Sector and Capacity Development had been circulated to members. Each unit gave a briefing on the business updates with the following highlights:
4.1.1 International and China Affairs (ICA)
- Belinda Hui highlighted the features of the services of ICA in assisting Agency Members to organize Mainland China and oversea study visits. A pamphlet was circulated for the information of Committee Members. 
- The input of ICA in the Guangdong Community Development Project included reviews of project proposals and networking with GOs and NOGs in Mainland China. 
- Owing to the change of government official of Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, the registration of Shenzhen centre has been delayed. The Council would meet with Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong SAR to follow-up the matter. There is also a plan for the management of the Council to meet with Zhang Xiaoming, Director of LOCPG. John Fung stated that Guangdong Province has passed new legislation that allows Hong Kong’s NGOs to provide elderly and rehabilitation services there. It is estimated that more than 40 NGOs in Hong Kong have got legal registration in China and are running services there. 
- Committee members endorsed the proposal on subsidizing overseas conferences in appendix 4b. 
4.1.2 Membership Liaison and Services (MLS)
- The Sector had met with DSW regarding the Best Practice Manual. As the Best Practice Manual required NGOs to fulfill new requirements (e.g. removal of the cap on salary at midpoint as the maximum point), the Sector requested SWD to review the LSG baseline allocation. The Council would collect and consolidate the views of the Sector and request a meeting with Secretary of Labour and Welfare. 
- A meeting with AD-Subvention of SWD was held and the Sector had requested to increase LSG on central administration and supervisory support etc. The Council would collect data from agencies and submit a proposal to SWD to enhance the sustainability of LSG. 
- A proposal would be submitted to SWD on the fast track application of Lotteries Fund.
- The Job Recruitment Platform was established. A free trial period would be offered to Agency Members from March to May 2013. 
- The ExCo had endorsed the new membership fee schedule, and membership fee would be reviewed on a regular basis every two years. A 10% increase of membership fee would be effective from April 1, 2013. The Chairperson pointed out that the new categories of fee schedule of 1 billion to 2.5 billion and over 2.5 billion in the activities report should be corrected to 100 million to 250 million and over 250 million. 
- The Steering Committee on JIS would explore the tendering of insurance broker service to JIS for maximizing the services and offers of other broker firms that might be available in the market. Committee members were concerned about the high frequency of claims in the Sector and suggested to organize more case sharing and educational sessions on occupational safety and health for the Sector. John Fung stated that OSH trainings would be mainstreamed into the training plan of the HKCSS Institute. 
4.1.3 ITRC
- ITRC has contributed to the SWD’s ICT Strategy Review by submitting a position paper. The researcher had compiled their findings and submitted their recommendations to the SWD.
- The recommendations would need the endorsement of Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee before they could be implemented. NGOs should still avoid using the terms of CIS and Intranet in their SWDF proposals on IT projects at this stage because the recommendations of removing such restrictions have not been officially adopted yet. 
4.1.4 NGO Capacity Building & HKCSS Institute (HKCSSI)
- The launching ceremony of Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program 2013 was held on April 29, 2013. Altogether 40-50 NGOs and 200-300 intern students have applied for the Program. 
- The competency model for NGO CEOs would be released in the summer and data collection from NGO stakeholders and NGO CEOs were in progress. 
- The certificate course on “Family Friendly Practices and Policies for Corporation and NGOs” would be launched in May 2013. A consortium for corporations and NGOs would be formed for regular sharing of good practices. 
- A sharing on Executive Coaching would be organized in May or June 2013. It would be a fee charging event and would be held at a hotel. Committee members suggested that the Hong Kong Jockey Club should be a suitable venue for the event. 
- A HKCSSI corporate card, which summarized the services of HKCSSI, was tabled for members’ information. To facilitate Agency Members’ application for SWDF, several briefing sessions were organized and a list of training programs of 90-100 courses were consolidated for NGOs. 
- Mr Andy Ho stated that some members of the Steering Committee of HKCSSI requested the HKCSSI to reveal its budget and financial information. Standing Committee members stated that the Council should have a position on the future development of HKCSSI. Based on the consideration of transparent governance, the expectations of HKCSSI Steering Committee members were reasonable. The Council would need to let the members know clearly the level of information that would be disclosed. John Fung mentioned that the ExCo had discussed the issue of registering HKCSSI as an independent legal entity. Chairperson stated that the management of HKCSS and the ExCo should provide a definite direction for the future development of HKCSSI and John Fung would follow-up on the matter. 

5. Membership Operation Guideline 
Committee members endorsed the Membership Operation Guideline in principle and the Guideline would be submitted to the Executive Committee for endorsement. 
6. NGO Governance capacity Building Initiative
John Fung introduced the concept paper on governance sharing platform and highlighted that the Council would organize a Governance Forum as a new item of FSA. Committee members agreed that board members constitute an important element of NGOs and capacity building at the governance level is important for long term development of the sector. Committee members also reminded that while we should engage NGO board members in different ways, we should be mindful that commercial values and practices should not be imposed onto NGOs. Committee members agreed that the Governance Forum should promote communication, mutual support and learning amongst NGOs’ board members, and its target number of participants should be increased to 50 people. 

7. Enhance Supportive Services to NGOs
John Fung highlighted that the business plan of MLS on supportive services to NGOs included the Job Recruitment Platform, the bulk purchase of vehicle fuel, and the accounting service to small NGOs. 

8. Working Group on Membership Participation
Cheung Siu Cheung introduced the Terms of Reference of the Working Group on Membership Participation. Chairperson stated that the membership participation study would provide a categorization of the Agency Members according to their features of participation and conduct focus group discussions. The findings would facilitate the Council to formulate its membership development strategy. Committee members endorsed the Terms of Reference and the participation of Chairperson, Ms Julie Lee and Ms Au Kit Ying in the Working Group. Chairperson also invited other members to join the Working Group and MLS team would follow-up. 

9. Any Other Business
There having no AOB, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm.

10. Date of Next Meeting
July 10, 2013 (Tuesday) at 3:00pm