The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 5 Meeting 12/13

Date: 2013/7/23
Time: 3:00pm
Location: Room 1410 of the Council


1. To receive the agenda

2. To confirm the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)

3. Matters Arising

  • Working Group on Housing Policy

4. To report progress on Population Policy advocacy (papers to present in the meeting)

5. Any other business

6. Next date of meeting



Mr. Fung Kai-man (Chairperson)

-   St. James Settlement


Ms. Chau Ngan Ching

-   The Salvation Army



Ms. Yeoh Chak Sum

-   Haven of Hope Christian Service


Ms. Wong Wai Mui, Nancy

-   Christian Family Service Centre


Mr. Wong Chi Hung

-   Caritas - Hong Kong


Dr. Fung Kwok Kin

-   Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University (Co-opted)



Dr. WONG, Odalia M.H.

-   Department of Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University (Co-opted)



Mr. Anthony Wong (Secretary)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service



Mr. Lee Hing Wai, Bonson(Vice-Chairperson)

-   Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong




In attendance:

Mr. Keith Wong


Ms. Agnes Yang(recorder)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Adoption of the agenda of meeting

The agenda was adopted without amendment.


Confirmation of the minutes of last meeting

The minutes of last meeting was tabled and adopted with amendment on the format.


Matter Arising : working group on housing policy

Mr. Keith Wong reported the working progress on housing policy. The Working Group on Housing Policy had made a lot of efforts on the advocacy of housing in the past few months:

The working group had invited Mr. Tam Wing Pong, who was  the Vice Director of Housing from 2003 to 2006, to share his view on current housing policy issue in Hong Kong and the factors being taken into account when the government was considering the removal of rental control in private residential housing market.


A study on market situation of low income private rental house tenant was conducted in May to June. A total of 910 questionnaires had been collected. The preliminary finding would be released in late September. (Post-meeting note: the press release was held on Sept 26)


The working group had been working out the position paper of the council to response to the Long-term Housing Strategy Consultation, which would be published in September.  And our paper would gather the initial findings of the study, the opinions in Civil Society Forum as well as the dialogue with Anthony Cheung, (Secretary for Transport and Housing) to be held in October. The paper would be submitted to the Steering Committee of the Long-term Housing Strategy after endorsing by the Standing Committee. (Post-meeting note: the Civil Society Forum and the Dialogue with Anthony Cheung were held on Oct 11 and Oct 22 respectively.)


To report progress on Population Policy advocacy

Mr. Anthony Wong reported the progress on the advocacy of population policy. The Council had formed a Cross-Committee Working Group on Population Policy with representatives from every single Specialized Committee. The Working Group had held the first meeting. In the meeting, Christine Fang gave some update about their discussion on the meeting of Steering Committee on Population Policy. The Steering Committee had been drafting the Consultation Paper on population policy. To respond to the Consultation Paper, the representatives sounded out the major issues of their concern in relation Population Policy.  Mr. Anthony Wong agreed to draft a paper to list the major issues and concerns initially sounded out and deliberated by the working group.


Mr. Anthony Wong circulated the paper to members to consult their opinion. Members raised some concerns on it. Firstly, it was about the government’s acceptance toward the paper as the government always looks the population policy from the economic point of view. To make our views acceptable, members suggested that we could stress a balance between economy and welfare in developing population policy. Also, we should advocate the population policy in relation to social development. Secondly, members were also concerned with the long-term development of the population policy and whether it could specify a vision for the position of Hong Kong in the future before we talk about what type of labor or talent we need and what quality of life we can expect.


Members discussed some ideas of engagement in relation to population policy advocacy. Although they all thought that it was difficult to engage the public, we could try to develop a public engagement framework to entertain the public, service sector or business sector.


Any Other Business

Mr. Keith Wong reported the progress of publishing the 15th issue of Policy Bulletin. The topic of 15th issue would be “Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong”, in which we would  introduce the situation of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and analyze the policies relating to education, labour and welfare etc. through focus group interview, feature articles and a review of the Australian experience. (Post-meeting note: The 15th issue was published and released online in end of October.  The hard copies were sent to all stakeholders in the early of November, 2013)


A policy briefing for with the assistants of LegCo Members was held on July 31.  Prof. Ray Yip, who had been invited to take up the post of chief editor of Policy Bulletin Editorial Board, was invited to talk about the population policy.


Date of next meeting

Members pencil marked Oct 15 for the next meeting in case there would be any urgent issue for discussion. (Post-meeting note: No meeting required.  The first meeting of the 2013-14 term would be held at 9:15am on Nov 29)


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.



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Chairperson of Specialized Committee


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