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Demonstrating Social Impact with Evidence-based Assessment – Sharing of the SIA Tool Sets & Cases

NGO Management – Courses      2019/08/21


實證為本的社會影響評估 - 工具及個案分享 



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Demonstrating Social Impact with Evidence-based Assessment – Sharing of the SIA Tool Sets & Cases

實證為本的社會影響評估 — 工具及個案分享


It is a common practice for the social service sector to conduct service evaluation for accountability reporting and service development, but only a few agencies will demonstrate their outcomes of their interventions with social perspective. Therefore, in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, project donors and organizers, HKCSS had attempted a number of SIAs to articulate the social impacts of service projects. In 2014, our Guidelines and Protocol outlining the conceptual framework on SIA and delineating the principles, guidelines, and protocol of conducting SIA were launched.

To take one step forward, HKCSS would like to forge a platform for SIA case sharing to encourage NGOs and their practitioners to think about their projects in terms of social impacts and to actively conduct SIA on their projects in particular those related to the youth.


  • To help NGOs and their practitioners interested in impact articulation to grasp the methodological principles and steps of SIA in more realistic terms through examining individual cases of SIA
  • To stimulate the participants to rethink the relationship of their service and social issues
  • To introduce new materials, resources, tools and create network of interested parties for NGOs’ use for SIA
  • To guide social service workers to identify what outcomes of their projects should be and understand how to effectively measure them


  • Basic concepts and principles about SIA
  • Setting of social objective
  • SIA Framework developed by HKCSS and HKU
  • SIA in specific service contexts
  • Procedure and implementation process of Outcomes and Measurements
  • Lessons learnt and tips for NGOs to conduct SIA

Course Details

Course Code : 19A-PE05
Date : 21 August 2019 (Wednesday)
Time : 0930 – 1700 (6 hours)
Venue : Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Target Participants : Practitioners interested in research, researchers concerning social impact assessment, senior management in NGOs
Class Size : 30
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Fees : $1,140,
$1,060 (Fees for HKCSS Agency Member Staff) 
Early Bird Fee : $920(Payment received on/before 31 July 2019 for HKCSS Agency Member Staff only)

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Mr Keith Wong 黃子瑋先生
Chief Officer (Social Development)
Policy Research and Advocacy
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Mr Keith Wong is currently the Chief Officer (Social Development) of the HKCSS. He is responsible for three major areas of work concerning the social service sector and the society, namely social development, social research for service excellence, and social impact assessment. Previously, he worked in the Council as the Officer (Policy Research and Advocacy) and managed different research projects. Keith received his Bachelor of Social Science degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Social Work from The University of Hong Kong. He is a registered social worker in Hong Kong.



Dr K.K. Law 羅景強博士
Project Officer (Social Development)
Policy Research and Advocacy
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Dr K.K. Law is currently the Project Officer (Social Development) of the HKCSS. He is responsible for the projects of Social Impact Assessment (SIA). Before joining the Council, he worked at the Hong Kong Baptist University and some local NGOs as research assistant with experience of conducting qualitative and quantitative researches. He obtained his PhD of Social Work from the Hong Kong Baptist University and his specialty is on mental health.







*以上課程獲「小型機構能力發展津貼計劃」資助,符合資格的小型非資助社福機構職員,如於2019年7月31日或之前成功申請可以二折學費 #報讀,每個課程名額為 5 個,報讀證書課程者優先。

# 關於「小型機構能力發展津貼計劃」資助條件:凡申請者工作之機構年度經常開支少於一千萬港元,成功申請者可獲八成學費資助,即以二折學費報讀課程。







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