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Agency Heads Meeting

Others – References      2017/08/29

為促進業界共謀發展,社聯於每季舉行的機構會員主管會議,均就業界發展、社會議題及機構關注等等,與機構主管交流意見。我們特別重視討論環節及茶聚 時段,鼓勵本會各個不同性質的委員會、事務小組及關注組的成員,直接與機構主管溝通。以下是會議通告及議程內容,歡迎參閱及分享意見。    

 Date Memo  Agenda
7 Dec 2017

Agency Heads Meeting

Memo & Agenda




A.  For subvented Agency Members 與資助機構會員相關的議題 

1. Reform on Lump Sum Grant Subvention System

a)  Key observations on 9 Consultation Forums and the follow up of “The Joint platform”

b)  Role and responsibilities of SWD’s review committee 


a)     九場諮詢會的重點觀察及三會一方的跟進

b)    社署新成立之委員會的角色、職能及改革的檢討範疇

2. Progress on Reviewing the legislation and codes of practice and formulating care-related guidelines of RCHEs and RCHDs 「檢視院舍實務守則及法例工作小組」之工作進展


B. For both Subvented Agency Members and Non- subvented Agency Members


1. Progress Update on Transitional Social Housing Service 過渡性社會房屋服務最新發展

2. A.O.B. 其他事項

18 Sept 2017

Agency Heads Meeting

Memo & Agenda



A.  For both Subvented Agency Members and Non- subvented Agency Members 與資助機構會員及非資助機構會員相關的議題 (9:30am - 11:30am) 

1.  Updates on “Co-housing, Co-living” Transitional Social Housing Service「共住。共生」營辦過渡性社會房屋服務最新發展

2.  Proposal for Designing Essential Principles for Competitive Bidding for Labour and Welfare Bureau’s Project-based Projects/Services就勞工及福利局設計「競爭性投標」計劃/服務有關基本原則的建議

3.  HKCSS Convention 2017 cum 70th Anniversary 「社聯會議2017」暨70周年紀念

4.  Upcoming Partnership and Engagement Opportunities for the Sector - Business for Good Outstanding Award 商社共生傑出大獎

5.  A New Funding Opportunity: A New Social Impact Grant 新的資助計劃:社會影響基金

B.  For subvented Agency Members 與資助機構會員相關的議題 (11.40am - 1:00pm)

  1. Preparation for the Nine Consultation Forums on the Review of Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Subvention System為檢討「整筆撥款」津助制度的九場諮詢論壇之準備
  2. A.O.B.其他事項
2 June 2017

Agency Heads Meeting

Memo & Agenda 


A.     For all Agency Members與全體機構會員相關的議題 

  1. Recommendations to the next Chief Executive on Proposal for Five-year Social Development Strategies and Policies 致下任行政長官的《未來五年社會發展策略及政策建議》
  2. Proposal for Industry Standard of Subsidy for Administrative Support to Project-based Services「計劃形式服務行政支援補助行業標準」建議書
  3. Director of Audit's Report No. 68 on Government's Support and Monitoring of Charities《審計署署長第68號報告書》有關「政府對慈善機構的支援及監察」的評論
  4. Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (16-18 June 2017) 樂齡科技博覽暨高峰會(2017年6月16-18日)


B.     For Agency Members not Receiving SWD Recurrent Subventions 與非資助機構相關的議題 

  1. Rent / Rates / Government Rent Subsidy for Social Welfare Service Organizations向社會福利機構提供的「租金/差餉/地租的津貼計劃」 


C.     For Agency Members Receiving SWD Recurrent Subventions 與資助機構會員相關的議題


  1. Survey on Salary and Allowance of Heads of Subvented Social Service Agencies 「資助社會服務機構主管薪酬及津貼」水平調查
  2. Reform of the Lump Sum Grant Subvention System「整筆撥款」資助制度的改革
  3. New Request from SWD on Reporting on Special Incidents社會福利署對呈報特別事故的新要求
  4. 2017 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting (WAPS) Exercise2017年福利議題及優次會議
  5. A.O.B.其他事項
24 Jan 2017

Agency Heads Meeting Memo & Agenda



  • Project on Ageing Society and Innovation「高齡化社會及推動創新」計劃 (9:30am – 10:00am)
  • Sector’s concern over Intended Actions of Disclosing Financial Reports and Salary Information of Staff in the Top Three Tiers of Subvented Social Service Agencies by Social Welfare Department on Departmental Website業界對社會福利署擬於官方網頁披露資助社會福利機構財政報告及首三層員工薪酬資料的關注(10:00am – 10:30am)
  • Suggestions to The Hon Mrs Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration on Lump Sum Grant System enhancement向政務司司長林鄭月娥, GBS, JP提交優化整筆撥款制度的建議(10:30am – 10:45am) 
  • Quality and Monitoring  of the Residential Care Homes for the Elderly and Persons with Disability院舍(長者及殘疾人士)服務質素及監管(10:45am – 11:00am)
  • Progress on Elderly Service Program Plan安老服務計劃方案之進展(11:00am – 11:15am)
  • A.O.B. 其他事項
24 June 2016



  1. Follow up on updating of Lump Sum Grant Manual (May 2012) 跟進社會福利服務「整筆撥款手冊」(2012年5月)更新工作      
  2. Discussion on Strategy to follow up the 4 Undecided Items of Best Practice Manual  討論回應策略 - 最佳執行指引的四個尚未決定項目 
  3. HKCSS’s Work Focus in following Sector’s Financial Issues and Sector Engagement   社聯在跟進業界財務議題的工作焦點及業界參與 
  4. 2016 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting Exercise (WAPS) 2016  福利議題及優次會議2016 
  5. Draft Annual Submission to the Chief Executive for 2016 向特首提交之周年建議書2016 
  6. Report “HKCSS Convention cum Caring Company Partnership Expo 2016”  報告「社聯會議暨「商界展關懷」社區伙伴合作展2016」
  7. Introduction to “NGOs Governance Platform Project” 簡介「非政府機構董事會網絡計劃」
  8. A.O.B. 其他事項 






分享環節: 保險議題的趨勢

Agenda Items議程(3:00pm - 4:00pm) 

  1. Updating of the Lump Sum Grant Manual (May 2012) and Progress of the Implementation of the Best Practice Manual更新社會福利服務「整筆撥款手冊」(2012年5月)及最佳執行指引推行進展
  2. HKCSS Convention 2016 cum Caring Company Partnership Expo社聯會議2016 暨伙伴合作展
  3. A.O.B. 其他事項

Sharing Session分享環節(4:00pm - 5:00pm)

Topic: Trend on insurance issues - The importance of safety awareness and risk assessment

題目: 保險議題的趨勢 - 職業安全意識及風險評估


Mr Wilson Chan (Director), Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited


Ms Joice Choy (Divisional Director), Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited





  1. Responses to the planned of 1 % cut down of Government expenditure in 2 consecutive years 對政府部門擬於未來連續兩年削資1%的跟進工作
  2. Exchange sector’s views on Salary Adjustment and Back Pay 交流業界在薪酬調整及追補加薪的安排
  3. 2015 Welfare Agenda and Priorities Setting Exercise (WAPS) 2015  福利議題及優次會議
  4. Progress of Elderly Services Programme Plan(ESPP) 安老服務計劃方案進度匯報
  5. Draft Annual Submission to the Chief Executive for 2015 向特首提交之週年建議書2015
  6. A.O.B. 其他事項



  1. 福利用途單位特別計劃Special Project on Welfare Premises
  2. 施政報告2015和財政預算及社聯的回應Policy Address 2015 and Budget and HKCSS’s responses
  3. 政府建議延長公務員退休年齡對社福界的影響Implications to Welfare Sector on Government Proposal to Extend the Retirement Age of Civil Servants
  4. 企業傳訊及社聯頻道Corporate Communication and HKCSS Channel
  5. 社聯2015-16年度重點工作Key initiatives of HKCSS in 2015-16
  6. 其他事項AOB